berlin x bowie x birthday

8 Jan

on this day how could i not talk about bowie?

it’s not only his birthday!!!!! happy birthday, mister bowie, i will have a drink on you tonight. and thank you also, for bringing so many emotions to me with your songs but especially with ‘life on mars’ (it’s just my favourite!!!).

so, it’s his birthday today and what does mr. bowie do? he gives US a present. his new song!!! watch it here. thank you, david*

i’ve already heard some complaints about the quality of the video, but honestly i like it. it takes me back to the time where he lived here in berlin with his buddy iggy. every time i pass this house (it’s on the opposite site of a voice over studio i am every once in a while) i have a big smile on my face and make up stories in my mind how david and iggy were hanging out up there, smoking one zig (or other stuff) after another and enjoyed the berlin vibe.

these days it’s very grey and rainy in my city. and i am constantly torn between being slightly melancholic and feeling very bohemian, staying in bed till noon, running around in a silky sleeping gown. and incense sticks cover my apartment in smoke (while i pretend it to be the smoke of opium). so, david’s new song suits my mood quite well…

i have been out of my infamous boudoir the past days. yesterday i had to… work. and the days before i just needed to take a walk around. that’s how i started my photo series of berlin classics that i want to share with you. i want to take more photos of berlin classics throughout the next month that i expect to be as grey and shady as this one. which berlin classic would you care to see here? tell me, i’d love to know.






2 Responses to “berlin x bowie x birthday”

  1. Gianfranco 2013/01/10 at 7:17 pm #

    Nice pics !

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