sail away with me honey. i put my heart in your hand.

10 Jan

still rainy. still grey. this city feels like it’s about to just fade away bit by bit.

maybe this is the reason why david gray has been singing in my head  since this morning. first it was only the lyrics. then the tune. i hadn’t listened to this fabulous song for at least three years. and here he is again and it’s going straight to my heart. and it’s touching me on so many levels. yes, i wanna sail away with you, honey!!!!!  and also there they are again… the things i’ve been thinking about earlier this week… the ‘what will be, will be’, the ‘happily ever now’.

and then also the video. i didn’t know it until today, never watched it. and oh dear! it is good. that is how i feel every time i go out into the nightlife. me observing while everything around me feels like a preapocaylptic carnival that makes me feel so grounded and so so far away at the same time. and also this makes me miss england so much!

while i’m writing this, raindrops are pounding on my rooftop, a candle is burning. and i’m feeling happy and lighthearted.

does that make any sense?

have a great day whether it’s sunny or grey where you are.

love xx


2 Responses to “sail away with me honey. i put my heart in your hand.”

  1. teamgloria 2013/01/10 at 2:40 pm #

    Love this.

    Rooftops, candles, longing.


    *wavingfromthesickbed* #Manhattan.

    teamgloria xx

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