teamgloria. NYC >>>>>>>>>>> LA!

12 Jan

i met my new friend sophia from


in RL for the first and only time some weeks ago when i went to NYC. i was only there for 4,5 days, so there wasn’t much time but we managed to get together on my last day and oh, i am grateful for this encounter, i can tell you! sophia is amazing! inspiring! and fun to be with. she showed me around soho a bit. she took me to some cute shops, showed me some galleries, told me some things about the history of the mafia in soho and we also discovered some streetart together.

delightful, that’s how the few hours spent together felt. and i did really fall in love with her. don’t worry, sophia, i don’t mean it in a romantic way, this is not my coming out 😉 no, i fell in love with her spirit and strength and charisma.

so, this was my concentrated time of firsts: my first time in NYC, my first time soaking up this energy that i believe you can only experience in this city, my first meeting with sophia, well actually some other firsts, too, that i don’t want to tell now because they don’t belong to this story…

the funny thing is that sophia just spent her last few days in NYC and is currently moving to LA for various reasons which makes me even more happy that i was right in time to meet her.

so i am writing this not only i am so impressed by actually meeting another instagram friend in real life (yes, that’s how we met.. instagram). but i realized how much i am involved and interested in her life when she started to describe how miserable her last days in NYC were due to a nasty flu.

oh, did i already mention that i LOVE teamgloria’s blog which is so personal and glamorous and touching that you cannot do anything but read it day after day and fall for her again and again?

well, i read about her fight with the flu and it was more thrilling than an edgar allan poe story. what will happen next? will she make it out of bed? will she be able to leave to NYC to go to LA?

i am glad to see and read that she actually made it today. yes, miracles do happen! and she obvioulsy arrived in sunny california in one piece. i am proud of you that you made it, lady, and wish you a good start and good luck! hope to see you one day on the west coast!

love x

teamgloria on instagram #yesyesyes

me on instagram

some photos from my walk with teamgloria.



she’s a bit shy 😉






2 Responses to “teamgloria. NYC >>>>>>>>>>> LA!”

  1. teamgloria 2013/01/13 at 4:06 am #


    Sie sind sehr freundlich und lecker


    • juliastoepel 2013/01/13 at 8:27 am #

      hahaha! 😀
      i am just telling the truth.
      love x

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