i have a funny job.

21 Jan

the weekend is over as you all might have realized or not.

for me it wasn’t easy to get up today, especially with more snow that had fallen overnight here in berlin and temperatures as cold as my ex-boyfriend’s heart.

so i forced myself out of bed this morning to go to work. i had two different jobs today. and they were both cartoon voice overs.

yes, in case you didn’t know, i spend my days in dark studios behind various microphones acting the shit out of the characters that need my voice.

very often that’s cartoons or animes, and for my english speaking friends out there… it can be “real” people too cause in germany all the foreign movies and tv series are being dubbed. so, yeah, there’s a lot to do.


so, i was standing in the studio today looking at the screen and once again thinking: “oh, dear, your job is funny, julia.”

yes, it is.


so, here’s something i did a while ago to make you see HOW much fun my work is. and there’s a little task for you too. guess, which one i am 🙂

do you have a funny job too? tell me about it ❤






2 Responses to “i have a funny job.”

  1. nana 2013/01/21 at 11:38 pm #

    If it wasn´t for our funny job, we would maybe never met…so dear Julia i love our funny job, not only because its a very cool and fun thing to do….its because it brought you in my life, in my heart , in my soul….and that´s what i am always thankful for….

    • julia 2013/01/22 at 6:22 am #

      7:15 am and i am already in tears.
      happy tears***
      i had the exact thought so many times before and i am soooo thankful for that.
      and who knows: maybe one day, we quit our funny jobs together and start some other funny thing far far away.
      purple hair, baby!
      love you*

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