22 Jan

the snow is piling up on the wintergarden of my roof and while i’m writing this i am hiding under a beautiful blanket – the one that nana gave me for my birthday, it’s soooo fluffy – looking up and feeling like an eskimo in his igloo.

today i had my first day of work for sally bollywood again. she’s an interesting little person and i missed her in the past one and a half years where we didn’t work on new episodes.but now 52 new episodes have arrived and there’s a lot to do.

i made my way through the city through the snow, arrived at the studio, got myself a cappuccino (caffeine has always been such a faithful lover to me and i especially love it when mr. caffeine kicks in right before i hit the microphone).

so we worked and worked.

4,5 hours of sally dubbing were on the plan.

after half of the time my director said to me: “i’ve been thinking about it all the time, but now i know for sure, you remind me of someone. shall i tell you?”

“it depends…”, i answered and smiled.

i don’t know why but i kind of expected the worst.

and then he said: “pippi longstocking! yes, you remind me of pippi longstocking.

honestly, people, is there a better compliment you can get?

pippi is fun, pippi is independent, pippi has a cool house and a horse. and there’s mr. nilsson. and she has cool friends. well, annika is not THAT cool. but they’re true friends and always by her side. and she knows how to navigate a hot-air balloon and a boat. and she is determined and doesn’t let people who say that it cannot be done stop her from doing it. pippi is the mother of all motivation coaches and the essence of positivity.

so hey, yes! i can handle that comparison. honestly. i love it!

definitely my yesyesyes-moment of the day!!! ❤

oh, did you know that pippi longstocking has been translated into over 70 languages??


  • In Afrikaans “Pippi Langkous”
  • In Albanian “Pipi Çorapegjata”
  • In Armenian “Երկարագուլպա Պիպին” (“Erkaragulpa Pipin”)
  • In Azerbaijani “Pippi Uzuncorablı”
  • In Basque “Pipi Galtzaluze”
  • In Belarusian “Піпі Доўгаяпанчоха”
  • In Bulgarian “Пипи Дългото Чорапче”
  • In Breton “Pippi hir he loeroù”
  • In Catalan “Pippi Mitgesllargues”
  • In Chinese “长袜子皮皮”(“Changwazi Pipi”)
  • In Czech “Pipi Dlouhá Punčocha”
  • In Danish “Pippi Langstrømpe”
  • In Dutch “Pippi Langkous”
  • In Esperanto “Pipi Ŝtrumpolonga”
  • In Estonian “Pipi Pikksukk”
  • In Faroese “Pippi Langsokkur”
  • In Filipino “Potpot Habangmedyas”
  • In Finnish “Peppi Pitkätossu”
  • In French “Fifi Brindacier” (literally: “Fifi Steelwisp”)
  • In Georgian “პეპი მაღალიწინდა” (“Pepi Magalitsinda”) or “პეპი გრძელიწინდა” (“Pepi Grdzelitsinda”)
  • In German “Pippi Langstrumpf”
  • In Greek “Πίπη Φακιδομύτη” (“Pipe Phakidomyte”) which actually means Pippi the freckle-nosed girl
  • In Hebrew “בילבי בת-גרב” (“Bilbi Bat-Gerev”), “גילגי” (“Gilgi”) in old translations
  • In Hindi “Pippi Lambemoze”
  • In Hungarian “Harisnyás Pippi”
  • In Icelandic “Lína Langsokkur”
  • In Indonesian “Pippi Si Kaus Kaki Panjang”
  • In Irish, it is the same as English “Pippi Longstocking”
  • In Italian “Pippi Calzelunghe”
  • In Japanese “長靴下のピッピ” (“Nagakutsushita no Pippi”)
  • In Korean “말괄량이 소녀 삐삐” (“Malgwallyang’i Sonyŏ Ppippi”)
  • In Kurdish “Pippi-Ya Goredirey”
  • In Latvian “Pepija Garzeķe”
  • In Lithuanian “Pepė Ilgakojinė”
  • In Macedonian “Пипи долгиот чорап”
  • In Norwegian “Pippi Langstrømpe”
  • In Persian “پیپی جوراببلنده” (“Pipi Joorab-Bolandeh”)
  • In Polish “Pippi Pończoszanka” or “Fizia Pończoszanka”
  • In Portuguese “Píppi Meialonga” (Brazil), “Pipi das Meias Altas” (Portugal)
  • In Romanian “Pippi Şoseţica”
  • In Russian “Пеппи Длинный Чулок” (“Peppi Dlinn’iy Chulok)” or “Пеппи Длинныйчулок” (“Peppi Dlinn’iychulok”)
  • In SerbianCroatian and Bosnian: “Pipi Duga Čarapa” / “Пипи Дуга Чарапа”
  • In Slovak “Pipi Dlhá Pančucha”
  • In Slovene “Pika Nogavička”
  • In Spanish “Pipi Calzaslargas” (Spain), “Pippi Mediaslargas” or “Pepita Mediaslargas” (Latin America) and “Pippi Longstocking” (Mexico)
  • In Sinhalese “දිගමේස්දානලාගේ පිප්පි” (“Digamasedaanalaagee Pippi”)
  • In Swedish : “Pippi Långstrump”
  • In Thai “ปิ๊ปปี้ ถุงเท้ายาว” (“Pippi Thung-Taow Yaow”)
  • In Turkish “Pippi Uzunçorap”
  • In Ukrainian “Пеппі Довгапанчоха” (“Peppi Dovhapanchokha”)
  • In Vietnamese “Pippi Tất Dài”
  • In Welsh “Pippi Hosan-hir”
  • In Yiddish “פּיפּפּי לאָנגסטאָקקינג” (“Pippi Longstockin


  1. teamgloria 2013/01/22 at 11:10 pm #


    we could see that.

    you are Very Pippi Longstocking.

    grab the horse and let your plaits (braids) fly!

    waving from los angeles.

    • julia 2013/01/22 at 11:47 pm #

      i just wanna hug you now.
      so imagine and insert
      hug (°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°) <– there!!!!!!!!

      waving back from dark yet snow white and cold berlin*

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