29 Jan

i’ve been jumping from studio to studio today. voice over for all different kinds of things.

now: tired. ready for bath-tubbing.

i’ve been confronted with many colleagues today. mostly men and it was interesting to see that in two of three studios i came in today, the first thing after “hello julia” was some sexist joke. i was actually wondering if it is always like this and i just don’t realize because i’m so used to it already or if i only paid more attention to this now due to the actual debate caused by the brüderle-incident (for my non-german readers you can check out what i’m talking about here). i’m not sure. i guess, it is always like this and i am just laughing it away. in fact, i think i even contribute to all this sexism with my own little jokes and chit-chats. is it because i really enjoy making these kind of jokes? or is it some kind of self-defense? if you’d asked me two weeks ago, i would’ve said the first. i will have to make up my mind about that. what do you think about this whole debate, ladies? and how do you experience sexist jokes in your everyday worklife?

other than that i had to focus and concentrate on so many different images (for the ones of you who are not aware of what i’m doing: i am working as a voice over artist for movies, tv series, animes, cartoons, audio plays etc etc) that i cannot take anymore input today. and then i found this little video i add down below and it made me think of a journey i made 2001 to new zealand where i spent three weeks on a lonely island, yes no kidding, and there was nothing around it except for the sea and the wind and the sky. not even ships passing by or anything.

i’ve never experienced silence like this before.

this was true silence. where you don’t hear anything man-made. only the sounds of nature.

i try to recall this kind of silence every once in a while. and i know that it can be found deep inside of me. but it’s not easy. maybe i need to go back one day to my island.

so enjoy this little video. i think, it’s beautiful and soothing.

have a great evening or day…depending where you are.

peace, julia xxx

source: nowness


2 Responses to “listening.”

  1. teamgloria 2013/01/30 at 2:55 am #

    Ah. Yes. Sexist jokes are the refuge of the embittered that the world is slowly but surely less accepting of such out-moded wrongs.

    Vive la equality!



    We watched the sunset fall softly over the Hollywood hills this evening in utter awe.

    And silence.

    Waving quietly from over here.

    • julia 2013/01/30 at 7:16 am #

      what a wonderful image.
      you. the sunset. the silence. the candle (saw it on IG).
      i need some silence more often. (note to myself).
      and the idea of sitting in silence about 9000 km away from each other is just… enchanting***
      have a good night/morning/day ❤

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