being a grown-up…

5 Feb


that’s what i thought yesterday. my week started with a meeting with my accountant and she had BAAAD news for me. an additional payment of taxes for the year 2011. a nice amount of money which i could certainly have used for a nice journey around the world for maybe two or three months.

after the shock she said: “the good thing is: you earned a lot of money in 2011!” awesome. then she offered me a gin.

oh, well, it’s only money, right? it all has to flow and go and come back and grow. nevertheless it made me upset. upset about myself. that i am so bad with facts and figures. i didn’t become an actress to have to deal with that sh**, um, i mean stuff!

so, i was a bit grumpy yesterday not without showing my capricorn-typical gallows humor.

i didn’t sleep very good and felt quite hungover this morning. (i remember i had a dream that started off quite interesting: some hot james franco look-alike who wasn’t wearing a shirt welcomed me on a deserted island and in an act of incredible manliness lit a fire for me. it was already night, the moon was up, i could hear the waves crashing in, he smiled at me and handed me a coconut to drink from it. i opened my little backpack that i had with me and…  started to take bank notes out of it to throw them into the fire!!!!!!!!!!!)

i knew the only thing that could light up my day (besides the sun that had surprisingly come out and showed herself in all her beauty)were my new yin yang leggins. and yes, they did a great job. everytime i looked down on me today, i felt quite happy and grounded. crazy, what a pair of leggings can do for you.



what i didn’t know at that time was that i would find two precious things in my mailbox today!

first: i got an amazing glamorous beautiful letter from teamgloria! i found it on my way to work, so i decided to open it when i was back home and all chilled and could enjoy a tea to go with it.


today was “grey’s anatomy” time. we’re currently dubbing the 9th season and i am the german voice of dr. april kepner. always so much fun, because sarah drew is an amazing actor. i love her. and i love april ❤ it is such a great gift if you can work on a character over several years like in this case. it feels like we are melting together more and more from episode to episode.

on this photo you don’t see me but my fellow voice actor colleague who is dubbing bailey.

Bildso after some hours on the microphone with april i thought: “hey, being a grown-up isn’t THAT bad after all.” I LOVE MY JOB.

voice acting does sometimes also mean waiting. for example when your colleagues are having a scene or a take without you. when i was waiting and sitting i tried to become friends with being an adult again, so i started my PRO/CON list you see all the way down below. but before i get to the essence of the list, let me finish my follow-me-thorugh-my-day-sightseeing-tour. as i can see you all still sit on your seats, waiting patiently for the next landmark.

and here we go, ladies and gentlemen…

here you see an amazing sky julia managed to shoot while driving home after work. ain’t that pretty? (btw another pro for being an adult: driving. and another: driving AND taking pictures while driving)


i was excited because i knew i still had teamgloria’s pretty chateau marmont letter in my bag. unopened!

at home there was another treat waiting for me. my girl nina (freundin, love, briefkastenliebe… a whole other story i will surely tell one day) had send me a blacklodges t-shirt.

ain’t that dope? if you want one, there’s only a few left, you can order at nina(at)


Bildfor my english speaking readers: freundin is the german word for a female friend. and ever since we met each other at the mailbox of our house where we used to live together here in berlin, we kept calling each other ‘freundin’ instead of our names. oh, now i did tell the story after all. but it’s too beautiful not too be told, don’t you think?

and then this:

Bildthis is simply gorgeous! thank you again, love! this is actually my first letter from hollywood. and i love it ❤

at this point i had already made friends with being a grown-up again.

i pulled my calendar out of my bag and found my PRO/CON list again. and look… there’s much more pros, and i know that i could add many many more to it right now!! maybe YOU would like to add some? feel free!

life is good!

(btw: while i’m writing this i am listening to sade. surely something you can only appreciate as a grown-up.)



5 Responses to “being a grown-up…”

  1. notausgang 2013/02/05 at 9:25 pm #

    Did you know that I misread your blog name for “three times eyes” and wondered what on Earth you meant!? 😀 but I liked it. it sounded crazy.
    talking about being a child/ childish…
    and “three times yes” is great! 😉

    and you know what? those aren’t good categories, grown-up or childlike. you can approach all things in life, ALL THINGS, with the logic of a child. just keep it alive inside your heart! love & light!

    • julia 2013/02/05 at 9:28 pm #

      i am hugging my inner child right now.
      (and looking forward to taking my inner child and your inner child for a freshly pressed orange juice soon. while you and me have a cappuccino, of course!)

      i like your style ❤


      • notausgang 2013/02/06 at 11:57 am #

        My inner child is in fact a very silent and polite one, I have to nudge her and ask if she’s still there 🙂 Lots of hugs from wherever I am when you read it to wherever you are when you read it! xo

  2. teamgloria 2013/02/06 at 12:41 am #

    giggling at the “you can buy enormous amounts of nail polish and read anais nin” comments – delicious.

    wish we’d written more.

    but it felt good to send a letter and a stamp with an airmail sticker and everything.


    struggling a bit with being grown-up today (money, work, future)

    but hell.

    at least there’s good music to be had (listening to All About Eve – memories of university and freedom and excitement and naughtiness).


    • julia 2013/02/06 at 5:19 pm #

      i read your latest blogpost and i clearly see that you are going through a difficult grown-up stage too…
      (i can totally understand that feeling of “do i have the strength?” concerning this telephone service thing. isn’t it funny—-we live an independent life, travel the world just for love without not knowing what will happen, move from NYC to LA, write books, tell stories, beat fears, grow children, save the world but when it comes down to dealing with administrative shit, we feel like it’s all too much… maybe that’s a thing all artists have to deal with? i don’t know.)

      it helps a bit though to see that we are not alone in these thoughts.

      i have to check out all about eve… never heard of them.

      sending love from this side of the ocean xx

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