a sunny day.

6 Feb

i am tired, it’s been a long day. but it was a good day, so i need to share it with you.

Bildthis is me. just now. and you can see something on this photo that makes me very happy. i have my mum’s necklace back. this necklace i got from my mum when i moved to berlin. and she bought it years and years and years ago from her first self-earned money. i love it so much. it is a good luck charm. even more than that. it is so pretty and beautiful. i almost wear it every day. when i know that i have to spend the day with an idiot director in the studio, i need it and when i wear it, i feel like nothing can harm me. so you can imagine the shock i had when it broke last week!!! my friend nana recommended a jeweler to me where i went (an amazing place, it looks like you time travelled back into the sixties). i wasn’t very hopeful though when i brought my precious necklace there. the lady said to me: “this necklace has been loved and been worn a lot. i don’t know if we can fix it.” we got separated for a week (a WHOLE week) not knowing if we would be skin on skin ever again. last night i had a nightmare: i wanted to pick it up and the jeweler handed out a necklace to me that looked like it had been made by a 3-year-old in kindergarten.

me: “no, no, this is not my necklace.”

jeweler: “yes, yes. it is.”

me: “no, please bring me my necklace.”

jeweler: “this IS your necklace. i fixed it and it costs 180 €!”

you can imagine my relief when the lady today at the counter handed out my beautiful repaired and polished necklace to me. “this is a very pretty piece”, she said. my hands were shaking. i was so happy! and the mending only cost 10 €! happy happy happy!!!! biggest smile on my face when i went out of the jewelry store. and the shop assistant also did. i can truly recommend this place.

[oh, teamgloria, while i’m writing this, i’m listening to all about eve. 80s music sung by people who look like they’re stuck in the early 70s, gosh, they needed a hairbrush!!!! and a cut! badly! but i like it. it’s a good sitting-on-the-rooftop-in-a-black-berlin-night-tune. thanks for the inspiration.]…with the music i enjoy a nice glass of whiskey soda just now (1/3 whiskey, 2/3 soda, 4 ice cubes with a frozen raspberry inside. yum.)

oh, dear, i feel that i’m losing myself here… but the necklace story needed to be told (and so did the little whiskey sidenote). but the real essence of the day besides working was my meeting with


i was really excited about that. daphne unruh is the writer of the book ‘himmelstiefe’ that i’m going to record the audio book for as of next week.

i know about this project for about two months now and i am highly excited about it because it is my first audio book and i love the story. sorry, my english readers…. the book is not yet available in english, but daphne is working on it. and i can see it coming.

you must know that it is not common that the narrator meets the author of the book in advance, but we just had an interesting little email conversation during the past weeks and as we both live in berlin, why not?

we met in a café in prenzlauer berg that daphne had suggested. on the one hand because it is a lovely place and on the other hand because judith hermann had worked there before she became famous with her book ‘sommerhaus, später.’ we chatted and chatted over a tea and a café au lait. (i had the tea, she had the café). and although we didn’t talk that much about the book, for me it feels that it opened another inspirational level for my studio recordings next week. can’t wait to be there and tell kira’s story ❤

Bildyou should definitely check out daphne’s blog too. (in german) thanks for taking the time and chatting, daphne! i loved it.

what happened in your world, people? hope you had a great sunny day too.

love, julia



3 Responses to “a sunny day.”

  1. hediroka 2013/02/07 at 7:55 am #

    ich bitte dann dringendst um ein update – ein gutes buch mit deiner wunderbaren stimme versehen … das wird mein erstes gekauftes hörbuch! ❤

    • julia 2013/02/07 at 10:23 am #

      meine liebste hédi,
      was für schöne neuigkeiten 🙂 natüüürlich halte ich dich auf dem laufenden.
      dicken kuss und einen wunderschönen geburtstag vielen YesYesYes-Ausrufen auch nochmal von dieser seite ❤

  2. teamgloria 2013/02/07 at 4:57 pm #

    It IS true about the hairbrush. Not sure anyone did a smooth hair look in the late 80s. Loved that all about eve sounds good on a Berlin rooftop. It certainly sounded magical in a Victorian house outside London surrounded by candles in 1989.

    Happy that you have your talisman/necklace restored.


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