a walk in the park.

9 Feb

A walk in the park
I’ve got to get some sense back into my head
I’m in the dark and I can’t see where I’m being led
I’d give the world to set the clock back
and act like a man
where can I turn
to save myself from this confusion
A walk in the park a step in the dark
a walk in the park a trip in the dark
I’m getting away escaping today
a walk in the park

i’m sure i planted some tunes in your head now, didn’t i? in germany we call it “ohrwurm” when you have a song stuck in your head. i once heard jason mraz call it song karma and i liked that expression too. but “ohrwurm” is better. “ohr” is the german word for “ear” and  a “wurm” is a “worm”. the song is basically a worm that glides into your ear and is stuck in your head afterwards. don’t you like that?

today i needed that walk in a park, so i called my dear friend marco and we went to our beautiful tiergarten. it used to be berlin’s largest park until the airport tempelhof has been closed down a few years ago and its’ airstrip has been turned into a park to the public.

i love the tiergarten in summer when the city is boiling hot but under the trees you always find a fresh breeze. i drive around with my bike there and discover little ponds and bridges. there’s something to be found for everyone, even a so-called “tuntenwiese” (“faglawn”), where the gay guys lay around all naked (yes yes, my fellow american friends, they are ALL naked!!!) and watch and cruise and so on.

as soon as we arrived there the sun came out and it was just a frosted white glittery fairytale stroll.


Bildi found a tree fairy too. #humantrees




Bildand when we had enough, we went to café am neuen see. a place i rediscovered a year ago. in the summer, you can sit outside in the beer garden by the lake, rent a boat and sail along with your date (it’s a cute first date place, i think). and in the winter time, you sit in the cozy pavilion that from the outside has a sixties charm, but on the inside looks like a cozy cabin with an open fire and a lot of wood. the cakes are delicious there, but you can also go for a lovely breakfast, pizza or a yummy steak. also a great place to observe people.

and then the sun went down and i thought: “i made some good memories today.”



2 Responses to “a walk in the park.”

  1. Ken Takel 2013/02/10 at 12:34 pm #

    Café am neuen See. War mein erster Job. Da habe ich zu Schulzeiten ein paar Jahre gearbeitet. Nicht die besten Bedingungen aber hat trotzdem viel Spaß gemacht…

    • julia 2013/02/10 at 1:53 pm #

      hmm 🙂 die erinnerung!
      ich hatte das café lange zeit aus meinem bewusstsein gestrichen, vor allem wegen des teilweise doch recht bonzig-anstrengenden publikums. aber die location ist wirklich zu schön. und kann es sein, dass kürzlich der besitzer gewechselt hat? weißt du das? die küche ist wirklich klasse.
      happy sunday ❤

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