audiobook. day two.

12 Feb

i ran out of words.

no no. don’t worry. my second day in the studio working on the audio book went amazingly good. i came to the passages that i was most afraid of in the story. the reason for this was that there were so many different characters in one chapter, and they were all communicating with EACH OTHER. and ME, you know, I had to be ALL of them. it scared me a bit. but as soon as i was back in the studio, with those words and this lovely story… it all just HAPPENED. it was a bit magical to be honest.

i’ve been reading and reading for hours and when i made a small break, i realized the sun had come out. so i chilled in the studio lounge for a while and enjoyed the view.

Bildsoon i went back into the dark and read and read and read….

and then it was 5 pm and i had to leave this other world again that i am captured in these days. and i had to leave my little desk with the lamp that i have already become close friends with (everytime i raise my voice to scream, i have to touch the lampshade so it won’t make a vibrant noise caused by my scream… that’s why we’re already quite intimate, the lamp and me).

five o’clock. time to go home.

Bildnow i am here on my sofa writing more words and letters. but i can’t talk anymore. my voice is fine. working well (thank you!). but i feel like there is no more energy to speak. i just want to sit in silence and smile and be happy about life and the many pages that i read aloud today.

some friends called me this evening, but i couldn’t answer. sorry, friends, you know who you are and you know that i love you!

so, i am thinking about this lovely story teamgloria told me in a comment she made on my post about my day one in the studio:

“a friend (actor) worked with olympia dukakis and she was told to Rest Her Voice before the evening’s performance so she went around with a large note hung from a ribbon (we made that bit up – hope it was a ribbon) that said VOICE REST.”

isn’t that a gorgeous story?

i need such a note too for when i run out of words like i feel now. and i was thinking if maybe tiffany&co might be interested in producing a silver plate on a necklace saying VOICE REST. i would certainly buy one ❤

have a wonderful evening (or day if you are in LA 🙂 ) whether you spend it in silence ore not.

love, julia.


2 Responses to “audiobook. day two.”

  1. Heather in Arles 2013/02/13 at 9:00 am #

    Hooray!! Day two? Done! Hardest chapter? Done!

    And I have had to be on vocal rest during shows before, my Sister also (she was on Broadway–triple threay of actor, singer, dancer). She taught me how to steam my voice too. It looks as though you won’t need either of these techniques though–but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy yourself a present from Tiffany’s once the book is done! 🙂

    Have great Day Three–go, Jules, go!

    • julia 2013/02/13 at 9:41 pm #

      i was a bit afraid of day three. i thought that because it was halftime now, my energy would maybe collapse or something. but all went well and i LOVE it still! i think, it has something to do with your rooting and cheering 😉
      please don’t stop! sending love from berlin.
      j xx

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