once upon a time….

15 Feb

…there was a girl who accepted a new challenge. something she had never done before: she recorded an audio book.

on sunday she was a bit scared because she was about to do something unknown. but she was also excited. she went to bed early and got up before the sun managed to smile through the morning clouds.

on monday she took a little basket with an apple, an orange, a large teapot with warm ginger tea and went into the dark forest to see her grandmother… oh no no no… wait, that’s another story…

uuum, she took her little basket and off she went to the studio.

she already knew that she loved the story of the book. but what she didn’t know yet was that she was very very lucky because she should have the best co-worker and audio engineer she could imagine.

so she spent one day after another on a small white table with a lamp she soon became friends with. and a microphone.

day 1



every day when she came home to her little castle, she was very tired. she couldn’t talk to anyone   of her friends because she was so exhausted and she had already released so many words throughout the day (the only person she talked to twice on the phone was her mum).

she was tired, but also very happy.

Bildday 2

one day her fabulous co-worker even had a vegan brownie for her which was very very delicious and made her even more happy. they both worked hard. but there was always time for a laugh too.


the girl flew through this week like a bird.

the story she told carried her like a river carrying a paperboat. and the pile of paper in front of her, the pages that she had already read, grew larger and larger with each day.

day 3


you’re probably wondering at this point: “okay, okay, this is a nice fairy tale. but where is the prince? or the evil queen? in every good story there is an evil queen…!” i must disappoint you. there won’t be any prince in this story (although it was valentine’s day yesterday). and no evil queen.

(if you happen to KNOW a prince though, feel free to pass the girl’s contact details on to him. you know where to find her).

day 4


on friday she made it through a difficult part of the story and was a bit proud. when she went home the air was crisp and cold, but she heard some birds singing. and although the day ended as grey as it started, she could see many bursting colors in the sky. (yes, yes, it sounds cheesy, we all know that! but hey, open up for some romance. we already left the prince out of this story, and it is a fairy tale after all, so why can’t there be some bursting colours?)

day 5


this is not the ending yet. the recordings will be finished on monday. let us wait and see how this fairy tale will end. and until then…. have a wonderful weekend, you lovely princesses and fairies and knights and court jesters and evil queens and frog kings. xxx


7 Responses to “once upon a time….”

  1. Heather in Arles 2013/02/15 at 11:32 pm #

    Yet another Hooray for Miss Jules Berlin! This will be the last thing I read before heading off to sleep. A guarantee of good dreams for sure.
    Have a lovely weekend and rest up for Monday…then charge!!!
    Bisous, bisous,
    ps. I admit that when I was little I was far more interested in the evil queens of the Disney movies than anything else…oops!

    • julia 2013/02/16 at 8:51 am #

      so, did you have good dreams 😉
      i would love to hear!!

      (and thank you so much for the rooting! it helped so much)

      xxx j.

      • julia 2013/02/16 at 9:00 am #

        oh, and…. i have also been and am still always more enchanted by the evil queens than by the actual princesses. and i do also think they tend to have the better style.
        enjoy your weekend!

  2. teamgloria 2013/02/16 at 2:57 am #

    Quelle impressive week!



    • julia 2013/02/16 at 8:54 am #

      *silent smile*

  3. Gianfranco 2013/02/18 at 10:18 pm #

    Nice story/tale, great post! and most of all, bravo for your work ! I can’t even imagine recording/speaking all day long…..

    • julia 2013/02/18 at 10:21 pm #

      thank you so much for your kind words, gianfranco.
      to be honest, i’ve been afraid, too, that i wouldn’t make it. that my voice would just go on strike after 3 days. but it didn’t (thank you, voice!!!).
      have a wonderful evening,

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