sunshine, tourists and a long overdue get together.

4 Mar

my snuffles kept me from enjoying the dolce vita aka sun and blue skies and i spent most of the past days in my bed sleeping and watching silly tv series.

on saturday though (the sun was gloriously shining and people were wandering through the streets with surprised, irritated and happy expressions on their faces staring into the sky. a bit like sleeping beauty after spending 100 years in a daze), on saturday i went out to help my dear friend johanna find a dress for an awards ceremony she’s invited to. we walked around berlin mitte, looked at quite a few dresses and had a little break with a coffee in the sun at


i love this place! it is huge and surrounded by wonderful buildings. but most of all, it has a good energy. even when it’s crowded, this place is peaceful and bright.

before we got there, johanna said: “this place is like munich in berlin.” as we stood on the place she said: “no, it’s not true. this is still so berlin.”

i think, i know what she meant:

the monumental historical buildings, the old times that you can smell. the imperial vibrancy of the architecture. but then, you look further, you see ‘plattenbauten‘ (typical postwar buildings in germany, many of them in eastberlin, made out of precast concrete slabs), you see the berlin sky (yes, people, it IS different from the munich sky, no kidding) and you know where you are. it is berlin!!

so we sat there on a bench in the sun, i had a cappuccino to go, she had a smoke and we looked at the buildings and the blue sky and the tourists and let the sun tickle our nose.


and today, oh happy day, after having my first day of recordings for my new animated series “henry hugglemonster” (i am henry’s sister sonny hugglemonster, the one on the left side),


i finally met


we’ve been talking via twitter for, i guess, 3 years now, maybe longer… and never managed to get together.

but ever since i started THREETIMESYES and she transferred her old blog into something new, we’ve started to comment on each other’s posts and all of a sudden a RL meeting seemed very necessary.

and there we were meeting in an old granny’s café (average age 75, i guess. a lot of purple hairdos around) and oh, miss beautycalypse is wonderful!

clever and witty and pretty and i love her voice ❤

go check out her blog, please HERE.

Foto 1


11 Responses to “sunshine, tourists and a long overdue get together.”

  1. BigLittleWolf 2013/03/05 at 1:09 am #

    How delicious! There are some extraordinary women I now consider friends – true friends – encountered in this manner through our blogs. We’ve spoken by phone or Skyped, we write and text, we count on each other and support each other – and we’ve yet to meet face-to-face!

    I love hearing that you and Beautycalypse have done so… I can hardly wait until I make my way around the US to give real hugs rather than virtual ones, not to mention, popping over the Atlantic to do so as well.

    • julia 2013/03/05 at 9:50 am #

      yes, i found some of the greatest people (friends) via instagram. TG is one of them…
      i am happy too, that nath (beautycalypse) and me finally managed to get together….
      give us a shout out when you happen to be in germany, please.
      and until then: let’s visit each other in our virtual apartments and let’s praise the internet 😉
      xxx j.

    • notausgang 2013/03/05 at 1:27 pm #

      praise the internet! praise the internet!

      I hear you, BigLittleWolf! I consider a guy I met through a community a… partner of 13 years now 😉

    • teamgloria 2013/03/06 at 12:40 am #

      please come West.

      we need a long lunch at chateau marmont.

  2. notausgang 2013/03/05 at 1:30 pm #

    what you say, that’s just fucking lovely!!!!! *hugs*

    I’m very happy we managed to meet – and liked each other – and had great stories to share. that’s a real win, after years of online connection 😉

    • julia 2013/03/05 at 1:42 pm #

      hopefully maybe till friday.
      if not, till soon!
      that should be for sure ❤

  3. teamgloria 2013/03/06 at 12:39 am #

    how glorious!

    you both met In RL!

    • notausgang 2013/03/06 at 12:57 pm #

      can you read what my necklace says? 😉

      • teamgloria 2013/03/06 at 5:28 pm #



      • notausgang 2013/03/06 at 6:01 pm #


    • julia 2013/03/06 at 5:29 pm #

      to be honest…. i took that photo especially for you, tg 😉
      (cc. notausgang) ❤

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