bbb and bs. (busy busy busy and barcelona streetart)

3 Apr

i am currently in the studio recording another audio book. what i can tell you already is: it involves crime, paris and sex with dragons. well, yes! i am young and need the money 🙂 well, actually it is kind of fun too. and every new task is a lesson and a chance to get better so i am totally dedicating myself to this.

as i have to record the songs for the HENRY HUGGLEMONSTER kids series in the evenings, i hardly get to write any posts (although there are still sooooo much more beautiful things i can show and tell you about barcelona, including reataurant and store tips and cool photos. but this has to wait…)

for now i will leave you with some photos about barcelona streetart. and there is quite a lot, believe me. barcelona has many little streets and alleys to discover that occupy the most beautiful streetart treasures. most of this we found in el born. thanks again to anna who showed us around!   (btw i only knew anna through instagram before i visted barcelona, but we had a real life catch up and it was great. we love instagram!!)




look!!! we found romy schneider in el born…..BildBildBild

and then, the day before we left, we even started our own streetart project. nana and me found some lost postcards on our way to tibidabo. our idea for #fortunenotes was born shortly after. luckily i had brought some scissors, pens and washi tape to our journey and….


and later that day….


i really wonder if someone found them. or who. it makes me smile to think about that.

be well, my friends ❤


4 Responses to “bbb and bs. (busy busy busy and barcelona streetart)”

  1. teamgloria 2013/04/03 at 10:31 pm #

    seriously LOVE the #fortunenotes

    let’s start an international meme!

    maybe you already have.

    and so delicious you met another fabulous person from IG-but-in-RL-now


    isn’t life great?

    and more please on the singing songs for the mr. huggles book – that was a sly and curious reference. love. it.

    • julia 2013/04/03 at 10:48 pm #

      #fortunenotes in LA?
      let’s do this together!!!! i love the idea ❤

      and: oui!! life is great!

  2. beautycalyptique 2013/04/04 at 8:29 am #

    that Fortune Notes are almost like what we did as kids – we need more of this sparkle in our lives!!!! keep going. it’s gorg!!! – you could add a hashtag to all of them so ppl can IG or tweet them if they found them and use them 🙂

    (audio book sounds great. did I tell you that I had a request for a voice job I think last year or even late 2011 and after a lot of thinking I declined? I thought I wasn’t a pro after all and my radio/corporate voice jobs were just not enough. bloody perfectionism :D)

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