my name is julia and i live in berlin, germany.
aloha! c'est moi.i like: walking around the city with my eyes wide open. always in search for the little things that could be the beginning of a big story. a small momentum, an elusive smile of a stranger, a good cappuccino. true love. a distant dream that becomes reality.
other than that i am a voice over artist and actress and spend my time in dark studios behind different microphones of the city always trying to tell a good story.


4 Responses to “About”


  1. inspired by others. | teamgloria - 2013/02/09

    […] Julia (don’t forget to say it out loud with a Y – miss jules is over there in divinely-decadent Berlin so “Yulia” is the sound you’re looking for) Inspired us to think about the memories we have Kept (moleskines, scrapbooks) and also the inspirations we recall from other’s blogs and tweets and ideas – the sort of experience that was nigh on impossible before the interweb (unless one wrote Very Regularly and had a strong and trusty charger able to fly across mountains and dales to deliver missives sealed with wax and love). […]

  2. blondes and apple pie. | teamgloria - 2013/05/12

    […] got Introduced to Nina via the divine Miss Jules Berlin (do you recall she came to NYC and we had Tea back in December when we still lived on the Other […]

  3. hiding in plain sight. | teamgloria - 2013/06/08

    […] small boy in a spanish street? that was sent from Barcelona by the glorious Miss Jules who was on holiday there a little while […]

  4. @missjulesberlin in #hollywood, darlings. | teamgloria - 2013/06/22

    […] yes! – – – – – –  > missjulesberlin […]

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