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do you remember…

24 Apr

ME?                      Bild

yes. it’s been a while. i am overwhelmed with work. many many cartoons and movies to be dubbed. many audiobooks to be read. many stories to be told.

and then all of a sudden there was spring. and my heart was jumping all over the place. having a look here and picking a flower there.

and there has also been some romance involved.

i decided that THREETIMESYES had to wait. and not my life. and i do hope that you, my lovely friends, understand.

for today i will leave you with some impressions of the past weeks.

(the next posts will be about the long promised travel tipps for barcelona, berlin café jewels, my latest trip to hamburg  and something about my beloved single life. there’s no title for that one yet. SO STAY TUNED!)








>>>>>> DOPE SUNSETS!!!!! ❤



love life every day*

it’s good to be back!


sunshine, tourists and a long overdue get together.

4 Mar

my snuffles kept me from enjoying the dolce vita aka sun and blue skies and i spent most of the past days in my bed sleeping and watching silly tv series.

on saturday though (the sun was gloriously shining and people were wandering through the streets with surprised, irritated and happy expressions on their faces staring into the sky. a bit like sleeping beauty after spending 100 years in a daze), on saturday i went out to help my dear friend johanna find a dress for an awards ceremony she’s invited to. we walked around berlin mitte, looked at quite a few dresses and had a little break with a coffee in the sun at


i love this place! it is huge and surrounded by wonderful buildings. but most of all, it has a good energy. even when it’s crowded, this place is peaceful and bright.

before we got there, johanna said: “this place is like munich in berlin.” as we stood on the place she said: “no, it’s not true. this is still so berlin.”

i think, i know what she meant:

the monumental historical buildings, the old times that you can smell. the imperial vibrancy of the architecture. but then, you look further, you see ‘plattenbauten‘ (typical postwar buildings in germany, many of them in eastberlin, made out of precast concrete slabs), you see the berlin sky (yes, people, it IS different from the munich sky, no kidding) and you know where you are. it is berlin!!

so we sat there on a bench in the sun, i had a cappuccino to go, she had a smoke and we looked at the buildings and the blue sky and the tourists and let the sun tickle our nose.


and today, oh happy day, after having my first day of recordings for my new animated series “henry hugglemonster” (i am henry’s sister sonny hugglemonster, the one on the left side),


i finally met


we’ve been talking via twitter for, i guess, 3 years now, maybe longer… and never managed to get together.

but ever since i started THREETIMESYES and she transferred her old blog into something new, we’ve started to comment on each other’s posts and all of a sudden a RL meeting seemed very necessary.

and there we were meeting in an old granny’s café (average age 75, i guess. a lot of purple hairdos around) and oh, miss beautycalypse is wonderful!

clever and witty and pretty and i love her voice ❤

go check out her blog, please HERE.

Foto 1

oh, sei mein liebster!! (oh, be my dearest!!)

23 Feb

oh, what an honour!

my lovely friend sophia aka teamgloria nominated me for the liebster blog ward.

apparently this is an award for upcoming blogs. how lovely!

so, for my non-german readers, may you be told that liebster means dearest, sweetest, loveliest. doesn’t that sound like music? i love that and i love the idea behind it.

i already got teamgloria’s nomination a while ago. but there is certain rules you have to follow and that’s why it took me a while to fulfill this task.

Bildfirst of all, thank you, teamgloria, for nominating me, i am taking a bow just now. and of course i want to thank aalll my friends who always stood behind me, my teachers and mentors, my family, my mum who has always been a role model for me when it comes down to (*voice starts to become scratchy, tears in my eyes*)…. no wait, that’s some other scenery that i just lost myself in. sorry, darlings… i’m so in the mood for the academy awards just now. where you YOU going to watch them tomorrow?

but let’s get back to where we started. the rules for the liebster award are:

  • give thanks
  • tell 11 things about yourself
  • answer to the best of your ability the 11 questions that are asked of you
  • nominate 11 bloggers for this award – let them know, too, please.
  • ask the above nominees 11 questions of your own, or use thequestions you were asked

well, i gave thanks already, i shouldn’t get started on that again, so here we go.

11 things about myself

  1. i am obsessed with colors. when i was little i collected pens and pencils, crayons and watercolors (of course, i used them too). nowadays it’s nailpolishes i cannot get enough of. i have 76 bottles of the most beautiful colors in my fridge. 
  2. i believe in ghosts and angels. my power animal is a black panther (i go to a shaman here in berlin every once in a while, she is amazing and she told me.)
  3. i regularly get up at night to eat chocolate. i am a puppet on a string at that time. i am awake but cannot control what i am doing. (when i revealed this secret once on instagram, lovely dani feder called me a night zombie for chocolate. i love that expression!)
  4. i am enchanted by everything that has to do with zombies, the tudors or disney villains.
  5. when i was seven i had such a big crush on pierce brosnan. i carried around a photot of him that i had cut out of a magazine and told everybody that he was my uncle from the USA.
  6. i’ve only been to NYC once in december 2012, but i miss its’ sounds, sirens and smell. i need to go back.
  7. teamgloria inspired me to start blogging again. thank you ❤
  8. i love to spend time alone. if for some reasons  i am kept from doing so, i feel like i am fading like a flower that is being kept from the sun.
  9. if i wasn’t an actress, my whole body would be covered in tattoos already.
  10. i find the most satisfaction in bringing positivity into other people’s lifes.
  11. when i was 16 i spent an exchange year in canada and fell in love with one of the local ice hockey players. that’s why they called me a puck bunny (professional term for an ice hockey groupie).

here’s the teamgloria’s questions…

  1. candles or spot-lights?  – what a sneaky question to be asked when you’re an actress 😉 the answer is candles though. and scented ones are even better. you might laugh now but in this very minute this one is lighting my room. isn’t that hilarious? i just HAD to buy it when i saw it. so funny. it smells a bit like a very friendly old granny with purple hair that has just dressed up to go out to have a tea with her lovely girlfriends in this café.
  2. how many books do you have next to the bed? – i just had to go and check… four (f**k it – the ultimate spiritual way by john c. parkin, rumi the book of love, the prophet by kahlil gibran and a travel guide for barcelona)
  3. when did you last read in a cafe and what did you eat? i tried hard but i cannot remember. normally when i go to a café i meet friends there and i use to read at home on my sofa. but maybe i should travel to paris and just sit in a café for hours looking mysterious with dark undereye circles. do you have any book recommendation for this plan?
  4. when did you set up your blog and why? before THREETIMESYES i used to write a blog called go ahead make my day. i started it four years ago and my intention was to tell little everyday stories that made my day and would eventually also make somebody else’s. i combined it with photos i found on the internet and drawings that i had drawn. i stopped posting on this blog about a year ago. it just felt like it was over and then i closed the blog for good two months ago when i decided to start THREETIMESYES. my inspiration was teamgloria. you are my muse and i thank you for that!!
  5. what was the last film/movie you saw? – at the movies: silver linings. on dvd: the other boleyn girl.
  6. what was the first single you bought? hungry eyes from the dirty dancing soundtrack. on vinyl.
  7. chocolate or cheese? discuss. – don’t really get the question. this is like asking crayons or watercolor? rembrandt or beuys? mountains or ocean? two completely differnt things. and i will ALWAYS go for CHOCOLATE ❤ ❤ ❤
  8. do you identify with any of the characters in Pretty In Pink? If so, which one? And – still? – oh dear, i never saw it. but i will do. and then i will answer this question. promise!
  9. maria callas or madonna ciccone? – i adore madonne for her spirit, her strength, her power and her art. and i don’t necessarily mean her music by saying art but the whole package. my ex-boyfriend was a huge fan of maria callas, that’s why i simply cannot have a pure attitude towards her anymore. also, ‘la isla bonita’, ‘like a prayer’ and ‘true blue’ have made me shake my hips at so many parties. i simply have to say MADONNA.
  10. you’ve been invited to (where?) for supper – name the 11 other guests (alive/passed-on/haunting-you-still) – i’ve been invited to laurence oliviers mansion in england for supper. we are sitting in the beautiful garden and his wife vivien leigh is serving champagne to the other guests, henry VIII king of england, amy winehouse, james franco (who is sitting right next me), coco chanel, vicco von bülow, freddy mercury, truman capote, eckhardt tolle, natalie portman, alexis georgoulis and david lynch.
  11. is there a meaning to life? do you need one? – i am sure there is a meaning to life. i think, this life is just a transit to another level of being. and we are here to realize that there is an invisible bond between ALL OF US, and that when one suffers we all do. that’s why we have to create a life of happiness and positivity however hard that may seem or be. also, we are ‘here’ to conciously connect with others. and love. or let’s say it with jimi hendrix: “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” yeah, i know, i’m a hippie, but who cares? 😉

here’s my 11 questions for the nominated blogs

  1. what is the color of love?
  2. do you live in the ‘right’ decade? if not, when would you have liked to live and why? 
  3. the ocean or the mountains?
  4. what was your biggest adventure?
  5. what is your favorite book of all times? 
  6. if you had to choose between either never ever eating chocolate or never ever having sex again, what would you neglect?
  7. what does your mother mean to you?
  8. if somebody compliments you, how do you react? and what was the last compliment you received?
  9. when was the last time you cried?
  10. which tv series are you obsessed with?
  11. is there a meaning to life? do you need one? (inspired by teamgloria. again.)

and here is the blogs i nominate. i won’t find eleven blogs, so i will nominate the ones below and hope that you will like to take part. also, i will nominate some blogs that have already participated to show them my respect and worship them. of course, you don’t have to repeat the whole procedure 😉 aaaaaand the nomineeees aaareeee…

i had so much fun taking part in this, although it took quite a while… but it would be more than fabulous if you said yes, my dear blogger friends.

love, julia*

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