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californication diary::: do you know george snyder?

19 Jul

“we’re going to meet george on sunday for breakfast at his place. i will pick you up at 7. you’ll love him.”

that’s what sophia (aka teamgloria) said to me. i was slightly irritated but when i told this plan to my LA hosts they were shocked.

“7 as in 7 am? you HAVE to cancel!! we’re going out on saturday and that’s WAYYY to early!”

that’s what they said.

but i didn’t want to cancel. i wanted to have an early-bird LA experience, i wanted sophia to pick me up and, oh yes, i wanted to meet george snyder.


i think, i’ve been following him almost as long as i follow teamgloria. it was her who put my attention to his lovely photos and to his blog.

so there we were. sophia and me at george’s beautiful place that instantly put a smile on my face.

i told him that when people come to my apartment in berlin, they often look around and say: “there’s so many things to see here.” well, that was exactly how i felt at george’s place.





this view ♡



george signed on wings of affection for me ♡ if you are interested in george’s highly entertaining books, you can find them on amazon.


we chatted, had delicious yoghurt with berries and excellent coffee (oh, how much i appreciate a good cup of coffee no matter on which side of the world i am!) and blew german bubbles into the los angeles sky that sophia had brought from new york city. wow!



if you want to read more about our gathering, visit teamgloria. and also watch her little movie here:::

thank you, george, for having us and for generously opening your doors to a foreign miss. and thank you sophia for making it happen!

i can’t wait to see you again. maybe here in berlin. soon xxx


world book day!

7 Mar

Bildyay! for world book day!

what is your favorite book ever? ok. ok. you can name five!

and what do you read at the moment? do you prefer paper or ebooks?

here’s some of my faves:

Bild south of the border by haruki murakami

“No matter where i go, i still end up me. What’s missing never changes. The scenery may change, but i’m still the same incomplete person. The same missing elements torture me with a hunger that i can never satisfy. I think that lack itself is as close as i’ll come to defining myself.”
― Haruki MurakamiSouth of the Border, West of the Sun


Bild breakfast at tiffany’s by truman capote

“I’ve tried that. I’ve tried aspirin, too. Rusty thinks I should smoke marijuana, and I did for a while, but it only makes me giggle. What I’ve found does the most good is just to get into a taxi and go to Tiffany’s. It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there, not with those kind men in their nice suits, and that lovely smell of silver and alligator wallets. If I could find a real-life place that made me feel like Tiffany’s, then I’d buy some furniture and give the cat a name.”
― Truman CapoteBreakfast at Tiffany’s


bloggerrebecca rebecca by daphne du maurier (probably my most loved book ever!)

“I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say. They are not brave, the days when we are twenty-one. They are full of little cowardices, little fears without foundation, and one is so easily bruised, so swiftly wounded, one falls to the first barbed word. To-day, wrapped in the complacent armour of approaching middle age, the infinitesimal pricks of day by day brush one but lightly and are soon forgotten, but then–how a careless word would linger, becoming a fiery stigma, and how a look, a glance over a shoulder, branded themselves as things eternal. A denial heralded the thrice crowing of a cock, and an insincerity was like the kiss of Judas. The adult mind can lie with untroubled conscience and a gay composure, but in those days even a small deception scoured the tongue, lashing one against the stake itself.”
― Daphne du MaurierRebecca


036751817-the-buddha-of-suburbia the buddha of suburbia by hanif kureishi

“The cruellest thing you can do to Kerouac is reread him at thirty-eight.”
― Hanif KureishiThe Buddha of Suburbia

and this quote leads my directly to KEROUAC 🙂

On The Road-Jack Kerouac (Front) on the road by jack kerouac

“LA is the loneliest and most brutal of American cities; NY gets god-awful cold in the winter but there’s a feeling of wacky comradeship somewhere in some streets. LA is a jungle.”
― Jack KerouacOn the Road

“Ah, it was a fine night, a warm night, a wine-drinking night, a moony night, and a night to hug your girl and talk and spit and be heavengoing.”
― Jack KerouacOn the Road

“Sure baby, mañana. It was always mañana. For the next few weeks that was all I heard––mañana a lovely word and one that probably means heaven.”
― Jack KerouacOn the Road

there’s so so so so many more books i adore, like the catcher in the ryethe enchantment of lily dahl, many other books by truman capote, roald dahl… so this is to books and their authors, to libraries and bookstores!

how did you spent world book day?

what did you read? i’d love to know ❤


that’s it. (imagine me saying that with my *proud* voice)

18 Feb

today i finished the recordings for the audio book.

now i feel happy and sad at the same time.

it was such a great experience and for me as a voice over artist who is often at three different jobs each day, it was wonderful to work on just ONE project for all these days. that might sound funny to you. but to me it felt like the biggest luxury.

i was so close to the story or better… i was diving IN the story of the book that it feels weird now that it’s over,

now there’s nothing more for me to do than

looking foward to the result.

thank you once again to daphne, the author. it was great to be in contact with you. it opened another level for me to the book that i am very grateful for.

and thanks again to basti, my fabulous audio engineer! you rocked!


oh, and to get into the mood. i just found this himmelstiefe-music on daphne’s site. enjoy*

audiobook. day two.

12 Feb

i ran out of words.

no no. don’t worry. my second day in the studio working on the audio book went amazingly good. i came to the passages that i was most afraid of in the story. the reason for this was that there were so many different characters in one chapter, and they were all communicating with EACH OTHER. and ME, you know, I had to be ALL of them. it scared me a bit. but as soon as i was back in the studio, with those words and this lovely story… it all just HAPPENED. it was a bit magical to be honest.

i’ve been reading and reading for hours and when i made a small break, i realized the sun had come out. so i chilled in the studio lounge for a while and enjoyed the view.

Bildsoon i went back into the dark and read and read and read….

and then it was 5 pm and i had to leave this other world again that i am captured in these days. and i had to leave my little desk with the lamp that i have already become close friends with (everytime i raise my voice to scream, i have to touch the lampshade so it won’t make a vibrant noise caused by my scream… that’s why we’re already quite intimate, the lamp and me).

five o’clock. time to go home.

Bildnow i am here on my sofa writing more words and letters. but i can’t talk anymore. my voice is fine. working well (thank you!). but i feel like there is no more energy to speak. i just want to sit in silence and smile and be happy about life and the many pages that i read aloud today.

some friends called me this evening, but i couldn’t answer. sorry, friends, you know who you are and you know that i love you!

so, i am thinking about this lovely story teamgloria told me in a comment she made on my post about my day one in the studio:

“a friend (actor) worked with olympia dukakis and she was told to Rest Her Voice before the evening’s performance so she went around with a large note hung from a ribbon (we made that bit up – hope it was a ribbon) that said VOICE REST.”

isn’t that a gorgeous story?

i need such a note too for when i run out of words like i feel now. and i was thinking if maybe tiffany&co might be interested in producing a silver plate on a necklace saying VOICE REST. i would certainly buy one ❤

have a wonderful evening (or day if you are in LA 🙂 ) whether you spend it in silence ore not.

love, julia.

a sunny day.

6 Feb

i am tired, it’s been a long day. but it was a good day, so i need to share it with you.

Bildthis is me. just now. and you can see something on this photo that makes me very happy. i have my mum’s necklace back. this necklace i got from my mum when i moved to berlin. and she bought it years and years and years ago from her first self-earned money. i love it so much. it is a good luck charm. even more than that. it is so pretty and beautiful. i almost wear it every day. when i know that i have to spend the day with an idiot director in the studio, i need it and when i wear it, i feel like nothing can harm me. so you can imagine the shock i had when it broke last week!!! my friend nana recommended a jeweler to me where i went (an amazing place, it looks like you time travelled back into the sixties). i wasn’t very hopeful though when i brought my precious necklace there. the lady said to me: “this necklace has been loved and been worn a lot. i don’t know if we can fix it.” we got separated for a week (a WHOLE week) not knowing if we would be skin on skin ever again. last night i had a nightmare: i wanted to pick it up and the jeweler handed out a necklace to me that looked like it had been made by a 3-year-old in kindergarten.

me: “no, no, this is not my necklace.”

jeweler: “yes, yes. it is.”

me: “no, please bring me my necklace.”

jeweler: “this IS your necklace. i fixed it and it costs 180 €!”

you can imagine my relief when the lady today at the counter handed out my beautiful repaired and polished necklace to me. “this is a very pretty piece”, she said. my hands were shaking. i was so happy! and the mending only cost 10 €! happy happy happy!!!! biggest smile on my face when i went out of the jewelry store. and the shop assistant also did. i can truly recommend this place.

[oh, teamgloria, while i’m writing this, i’m listening to all about eve. 80s music sung by people who look like they’re stuck in the early 70s, gosh, they needed a hairbrush!!!! and a cut! badly! but i like it. it’s a good sitting-on-the-rooftop-in-a-black-berlin-night-tune. thanks for the inspiration.]…with the music i enjoy a nice glass of whiskey soda just now (1/3 whiskey, 2/3 soda, 4 ice cubes with a frozen raspberry inside. yum.)

oh, dear, i feel that i’m losing myself here… but the necklace story needed to be told (and so did the little whiskey sidenote). but the real essence of the day besides working was my meeting with


i was really excited about that. daphne unruh is the writer of the book ‘himmelstiefe’ that i’m going to record the audio book for as of next week.

i know about this project for about two months now and i am highly excited about it because it is my first audio book and i love the story. sorry, my english readers…. the book is not yet available in english, but daphne is working on it. and i can see it coming.

you must know that it is not common that the narrator meets the author of the book in advance, but we just had an interesting little email conversation during the past weeks and as we both live in berlin, why not?

we met in a café in prenzlauer berg that daphne had suggested. on the one hand because it is a lovely place and on the other hand because judith hermann had worked there before she became famous with her book ‘sommerhaus, später.’ we chatted and chatted over a tea and a café au lait. (i had the tea, she had the café). and although we didn’t talk that much about the book, for me it feels that it opened another inspirational level for my studio recordings next week. can’t wait to be there and tell kira’s story ❤

Bildyou should definitely check out daphne’s blog too. (in german) thanks for taking the time and chatting, daphne! i loved it.

what happened in your world, people? hope you had a great sunny day too.

love, julia



22 Jan

the snow is piling up on the wintergarden of my roof and while i’m writing this i am hiding under a beautiful blanket – the one that nana gave me for my birthday, it’s soooo fluffy – looking up and feeling like an eskimo in his igloo.

today i had my first day of work for sally bollywood again. she’s an interesting little person and i missed her in the past one and a half years where we didn’t work on new episodes.but now 52 new episodes have arrived and there’s a lot to do.

i made my way through the city through the snow, arrived at the studio, got myself a cappuccino (caffeine has always been such a faithful lover to me and i especially love it when mr. caffeine kicks in right before i hit the microphone).

so we worked and worked.

4,5 hours of sally dubbing were on the plan.

after half of the time my director said to me: “i’ve been thinking about it all the time, but now i know for sure, you remind me of someone. shall i tell you?”

“it depends…”, i answered and smiled.

i don’t know why but i kind of expected the worst.

and then he said: “pippi longstocking! yes, you remind me of pippi longstocking.

honestly, people, is there a better compliment you can get?

pippi is fun, pippi is independent, pippi has a cool house and a horse. and there’s mr. nilsson. and she has cool friends. well, annika is not THAT cool. but they’re true friends and always by her side. and she knows how to navigate a hot-air balloon and a boat. and she is determined and doesn’t let people who say that it cannot be done stop her from doing it. pippi is the mother of all motivation coaches and the essence of positivity.

so hey, yes! i can handle that comparison. honestly. i love it!

definitely my yesyesyes-moment of the day!!! ❤

oh, did you know that pippi longstocking has been translated into over 70 languages??


  • In Afrikaans “Pippi Langkous”
  • In Albanian “Pipi Çorapegjata”
  • In Armenian “Երկարագուլպա Պիպին” (“Erkaragulpa Pipin”)
  • In Azerbaijani “Pippi Uzuncorablı”
  • In Basque “Pipi Galtzaluze”
  • In Belarusian “Піпі Доўгаяпанчоха”
  • In Bulgarian “Пипи Дългото Чорапче”
  • In Breton “Pippi hir he loeroù”
  • In Catalan “Pippi Mitgesllargues”
  • In Chinese “长袜子皮皮”(“Changwazi Pipi”)
  • In Czech “Pipi Dlouhá Punčocha”
  • In Danish “Pippi Langstrømpe”
  • In Dutch “Pippi Langkous”
  • In Esperanto “Pipi Ŝtrumpolonga”
  • In Estonian “Pipi Pikksukk”
  • In Faroese “Pippi Langsokkur”
  • In Filipino “Potpot Habangmedyas”
  • In Finnish “Peppi Pitkätossu”
  • In French “Fifi Brindacier” (literally: “Fifi Steelwisp”)
  • In Georgian “პეპი მაღალიწინდა” (“Pepi Magalitsinda”) or “პეპი გრძელიწინდა” (“Pepi Grdzelitsinda”)
  • In German “Pippi Langstrumpf”
  • In Greek “Πίπη Φακιδομύτη” (“Pipe Phakidomyte”) which actually means Pippi the freckle-nosed girl
  • In Hebrew “בילבי בת-גרב” (“Bilbi Bat-Gerev”), “גילגי” (“Gilgi”) in old translations
  • In Hindi “Pippi Lambemoze”
  • In Hungarian “Harisnyás Pippi”
  • In Icelandic “Lína Langsokkur”
  • In Indonesian “Pippi Si Kaus Kaki Panjang”
  • In Irish, it is the same as English “Pippi Longstocking”
  • In Italian “Pippi Calzelunghe”
  • In Japanese “長靴下のピッピ” (“Nagakutsushita no Pippi”)
  • In Korean “말괄량이 소녀 삐삐” (“Malgwallyang’i Sonyŏ Ppippi”)
  • In Kurdish “Pippi-Ya Goredirey”
  • In Latvian “Pepija Garzeķe”
  • In Lithuanian “Pepė Ilgakojinė”
  • In Macedonian “Пипи долгиот чорап”
  • In Norwegian “Pippi Langstrømpe”
  • In Persian “پیپی جوراببلنده” (“Pipi Joorab-Bolandeh”)
  • In Polish “Pippi Pończoszanka” or “Fizia Pończoszanka”
  • In Portuguese “Píppi Meialonga” (Brazil), “Pipi das Meias Altas” (Portugal)
  • In Romanian “Pippi Şoseţica”
  • In Russian “Пеппи Длинный Чулок” (“Peppi Dlinn’iy Chulok)” or “Пеппи Длинныйчулок” (“Peppi Dlinn’iychulok”)
  • In SerbianCroatian and Bosnian: “Pipi Duga Čarapa” / “Пипи Дуга Чарапа”
  • In Slovak “Pipi Dlhá Pančucha”
  • In Slovene “Pika Nogavička”
  • In Spanish “Pipi Calzaslargas” (Spain), “Pippi Mediaslargas” or “Pepita Mediaslargas” (Latin America) and “Pippi Longstocking” (Mexico)
  • In Sinhalese “දිගමේස්දානලාගේ පිප්පි” (“Digamasedaanalaagee Pippi”)
  • In Swedish : “Pippi Långstrump”
  • In Thai “ปิ๊ปปี้ ถุงเท้ายาว” (“Pippi Thung-Taow Yaow”)
  • In Turkish “Pippi Uzunçorap”
  • In Ukrainian “Пеппі Довгапанчоха” (“Peppi Dovhapanchokha”)
  • In Vietnamese “Pippi Tất Dài”
  • In Welsh “Pippi Hosan-hir”
  • In Yiddish “פּיפּפּי לאָנגסטאָקקינג” (“Pippi Longstockin

snow and sun and snow. melt my heart. (time to let go)

14 Jan

snow. and sun. and snow. and cotton wool greyness. and snow again. oh, and it’s cold. berlin is freezing. and as the skies change their colors and as the snowflakes come sailing and gliding and dancing down towards my stuck out tongue, my heart feels heavy. the lesson of letting go is obviously on the plan for me now and i am willing to accept it,  take it and embrace it. i’m not saying that it’s easy though.

meanwhile i read a lot. kahlil gibran and rumi are my masters these days.

some of them say, ‘joy is greater than sorrow’, and others say, ‘nay, sorrow is the greater.’ but i say unto you, they are inseperable. together they come, and when one sits alone at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.  ~ “the prophet” by kahlil gibran.

ain’t that fabulous? it’s like yoga for my brain. and it feels good and makes me happy.


and i listen to groovy stuff. fitz and the tantrums. soooo good.

and i have a hell lot of work which is good too. fluttering from studio to studio talking into different mics telling different stories that haven’t anything to do with my life. always good to dive in there. and now it’s fashion week and tuesday and wednesday i will be joining the fabulous crew of (capsule) again and work there and have my share of the beloved fashion crowd and meet some long time no see! friends from all over the world. i will keep you posted on that.

and also i look at the sky and the movement of the clouds and the stars, and even though the air is crispy cold this puts a smile on my face too.





so i leave you with these slightly melancholic words. but don’t worry. i’m on my way. or as my amazing friend nina would say: “it’s all happening!”

stay warm, my berlin friends. and all you others, stay true.

love xxx

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