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the californication diary:: los angeles – the long-awaited get-together with @teamgloria.

13 Jul

it’s already been over two years, i assume, since i discovered @teamgloria‘s instagram which is filled with photos that make you believe that life is dream of lushness and luxury, subtle beauty and caressing candle light, cashmere and books, pink marilyn monroe phones, hiding behind large sunglasses and sipping martinis at château marmont.

in short, you want to know more about the person behind teamgloria. or is it more than one person, i asked myself before i started following her blog.

if you want to know more about teamgloria or sophia go here and find out more. or as she says herself, there you can read about who she is “in real life”.

i am fascinated by her ever since we met for the first time during my journey to NYC in december 2012. by her story, her life, her energy, her beautiful smile and voice (it is a bit fragile yet strong with an amazingly enchanting british accent. i think, she should be a voice actress, just like me) and when she moved from new york to los angeles it was clear to me that whenever i would cross the ocean and huge parts of the american continent to visit hollywood i would totally meet sophia as well.

so there we were. in los angeles. six months later.

i had already spent some days at my new home away from home in the hollywood hills and was very delighted by the prospect of some , let’s say, europeanism (those who know, know).

sophia suggested to pick me up (thanks again!!!) in the morning and off we went (in her very environmentally friendly prius).

so here it is. my day with @teamgloria. well, to be precise, this was my first day with her. we had two more lovely meetings afterwards under the californian sun…. but all in good time ❤

IMG_8616 IMG_8617 IMG_8618

sophia took me to the highschool where they filmed “GREASE” ♡♡♡ could you have guessed?



sophia dancing with her shadow…


falling in love with cars happens hourly in los angeles….


sophia took us to YOLK, the beautiful store of maria in silverlake, another wonderful insta-lady.

it was hard for me not to spent all my holiday money there. if you ever happen to be in LA, make sure to stop by.

also, i really enjoyed silverlake. it has something villagey to it that made me as a european feel at home instantly. little cafés and shops, a cute neighborhood that actually allows you to WALK around. hard to find in LA.

IMG_8627 IMG_8630 IMG_8635


we drove through studio city past all those famous studios…


and then sophia took me to BIG BOY for lunch. ah-mazing! felt like a time travel to the fifties. (i didn’t eat a burger, i had a nice BLT sandwich. yum!)

IMG_8648 IMG_8650


afterwards we went to LACMA where we spent some time at the extraordinary stanley kubrick exhibition.


IMG_8666 IMG_8658 IMG_8668 IMG_8669 IMG_8670 IMG_8673 IMG_8674 IMG_8676

which is your favourite kubrick movie?

if i ever go back to LA (which i’m sure i will), i’m certainly going to spend more time at LACMA…

IMG_8680 IMG_8686 IMG_8697

sophia …


vielen dank, sophia, für diesen wunderschönen tag*

and for all you others: be sure that @teamgloria will reappear in at least one other episode of my californication diary. if not in two.

be well, friends xxxx


spring took me hostage. and i fell in love with him.

12 May


* dreaming, watching the may-clouds sail by, sitting and sniffing the beautiful limetree blossom/lilac scented air, kissing, drinking coffee in the sunshine, smiling at strangers, baking grandma’s nutcake with lemon icing for a friend, listening to the cry of the sparrows, wishing upon them stars, driving around town with emeli sandé in an endless loop of several weeks

but i am still around and i have a lot to tell that is swirling and whirling up in my mind. but this fresh aired life outside is just too tempting these days. stay true, my dear friends.

(i took this photo at the olympus photography playground today and it shows my sis nana. more about this amazing place soon.)

do you remember…

24 Apr

ME?                      Bild

yes. it’s been a while. i am overwhelmed with work. many many cartoons and movies to be dubbed. many audiobooks to be read. many stories to be told.

and then all of a sudden there was spring. and my heart was jumping all over the place. having a look here and picking a flower there.

and there has also been some romance involved.

i decided that THREETIMESYES had to wait. and not my life. and i do hope that you, my lovely friends, understand.

for today i will leave you with some impressions of the past weeks.

(the next posts will be about the long promised travel tipps for barcelona, berlin café jewels, my latest trip to hamburg  and something about my beloved single life. there’s no title for that one yet. SO STAY TUNED!)








>>>>>> DOPE SUNSETS!!!!! ❤



love life every day*

it’s good to be back!

happy valentine’s day!!!

14 Feb

no date in sight. just a date with the micro today in the studio.

and i am not a huge supporter of valentine’s day either. but i am a supporter of love. and of paul mccartney and natalie portman and johnny!!!! oh, johnny!

so watch this. and… happy valentine’s day to you, lovelies ❤

spread love xxx


being a grown-up…

5 Feb


that’s what i thought yesterday. my week started with a meeting with my accountant and she had BAAAD news for me. an additional payment of taxes for the year 2011. a nice amount of money which i could certainly have used for a nice journey around the world for maybe two or three months.

after the shock she said: “the good thing is: you earned a lot of money in 2011!” awesome. then she offered me a gin.

oh, well, it’s only money, right? it all has to flow and go and come back and grow. nevertheless it made me upset. upset about myself. that i am so bad with facts and figures. i didn’t become an actress to have to deal with that sh**, um, i mean stuff!

so, i was a bit grumpy yesterday not without showing my capricorn-typical gallows humor.

i didn’t sleep very good and felt quite hungover this morning. (i remember i had a dream that started off quite interesting: some hot james franco look-alike who wasn’t wearing a shirt welcomed me on a deserted island and in an act of incredible manliness lit a fire for me. it was already night, the moon was up, i could hear the waves crashing in, he smiled at me and handed me a coconut to drink from it. i opened my little backpack that i had with me and…  started to take bank notes out of it to throw them into the fire!!!!!!!!!!!)

i knew the only thing that could light up my day (besides the sun that had surprisingly come out and showed herself in all her beauty)were my new yin yang leggins. and yes, they did a great job. everytime i looked down on me today, i felt quite happy and grounded. crazy, what a pair of leggings can do for you.



what i didn’t know at that time was that i would find two precious things in my mailbox today!

first: i got an amazing glamorous beautiful letter from teamgloria! i found it on my way to work, so i decided to open it when i was back home and all chilled and could enjoy a tea to go with it.


today was “grey’s anatomy” time. we’re currently dubbing the 9th season and i am the german voice of dr. april kepner. always so much fun, because sarah drew is an amazing actor. i love her. and i love april ❤ it is such a great gift if you can work on a character over several years like in this case. it feels like we are melting together more and more from episode to episode.

on this photo you don’t see me but my fellow voice actor colleague who is dubbing bailey.

Bildso after some hours on the microphone with april i thought: “hey, being a grown-up isn’t THAT bad after all.” I LOVE MY JOB.

voice acting does sometimes also mean waiting. for example when your colleagues are having a scene or a take without you. when i was waiting and sitting i tried to become friends with being an adult again, so i started my PRO/CON list you see all the way down below. but before i get to the essence of the list, let me finish my follow-me-thorugh-my-day-sightseeing-tour. as i can see you all still sit on your seats, waiting patiently for the next landmark.

and here we go, ladies and gentlemen…

here you see an amazing sky julia managed to shoot while driving home after work. ain’t that pretty? (btw another pro for being an adult: driving. and another: driving AND taking pictures while driving)


i was excited because i knew i still had teamgloria’s pretty chateau marmont letter in my bag. unopened!

at home there was another treat waiting for me. my girl nina (freundin, love, briefkastenliebe… a whole other story i will surely tell one day) had send me a blacklodges t-shirt.

ain’t that dope? if you want one, there’s only a few left, you can order at nina(at)


Bildfor my english speaking readers: freundin is the german word for a female friend. and ever since we met each other at the mailbox of our house where we used to live together here in berlin, we kept calling each other ‘freundin’ instead of our names. oh, now i did tell the story after all. but it’s too beautiful not too be told, don’t you think?

and then this:

Bildthis is simply gorgeous! thank you again, love! this is actually my first letter from hollywood. and i love it ❤

at this point i had already made friends with being a grown-up again.

i pulled my calendar out of my bag and found my PRO/CON list again. and look… there’s much more pros, and i know that i could add many many more to it right now!! maybe YOU would like to add some? feel free!

life is good!

(btw: while i’m writing this i am listening to sade. surely something you can only appreciate as a grown-up.)


my unbirthday.

27 Jan

yes. it was my own and very special unbirthday yesterday and it was fabulous.

as i am a christmas child, born on the 24th of dec, i hardly ever celebrate with all my dear ones, so i got a special gift from my dear heart-sister nana and the most awesome person johanna. they organized an

alice in wonderland party

for me.

nana decorated her amazing apartment, painted a whole wall with alice motives and johanna, oh dear, she did the catering…and even one day later i am still in salmon-sandwich-scones-raspberry-pepper-jam-chocolate-tart-tarte-flambée-apple-pie-heaven.


but let’s start at the beginning:

on friday my beloved cousins from munich arrived by car and i picked up another cousin at the train station.  minus ten degrees and ten minutes delay.



and then the family was there and everything was just right.

we met at their hotel which i recommend if you are looking for a stylish, clean, not too expensive place in berlin. the motel one city west.

and then we went to dinner to my current fave vietnamese place.

and afterwards for some drinks at schwarzes café.

the weekend had definitely started!

at schwarzes café and on the walk back to the hotel and teamgloria was on my mind. because she adores a chandelier, if you don’t know yet. and so do we.


oh, and teamgloria… you stayed with us the whole weekend… we took a lot of photos just for you because we know you love alice too ❤

saturday started early with a family breakfast and some shopping.

my ice princess cousin eva

when i arrived at my house afterwards, there was a car on fire in my street. berlin is so hardcore, i’m telling you! the fire fighters were kind of hot. but that’s another story.Bild

and then i picked up my other amazing beautiful girl nina who came from hamburg although she is moving tomorrow and although she had to leave her poor jetlagged hubby at home with their little boy. but she did it and i love her for that so much. #briefkastenliebe (but that’s another story again).

another pick up at berlin’s windy train station. minus nine degrees this time and again ten minutes delay. but i was in good company…


nina used to live in my house years ago before she moved to hamburg. she’s a true and longtime love of mine and we always had a thing for bubbles, so as soon as i brought her home we got dressed and raised our glasses.


we had a little party bus situation to nana’s place and then the alice in wonderland party started and it was just beautiful, colorful, happy, mad and incredibly yummy!

it all started with a tea party. what else. kusmi tea, scones, a delicious tarte, little brownie pralinés, salmon and cucumber sandwiches, gin & tonic and so many more things. we were just eating for hours and hours. thank you again, johanna!!!!! you are such an amazing cook-ette!

so, i let the photos just speak for themselves. and leave you with those pics. thank you everyone who was there. i love you all so much. and manja, you were with us in spirit too. love you*


Alice: I’m sorry I interrupted your birthday party. Thank you.
March Hare: Birthday? My dear child, this is NOT a birthday party.
Mad Hatter: Of course not. This is an unbirthday party.






Caterpillar: Who… are… you?
Alice: Why, I hardly know, sir. I’ve changed so much since this morning, you see…
Caterpillar: No, I do not C, explain yourself.
Alice: I’m afraid I can’t explain myself, you see, because I’m not myself, you know.
Caterpillar: I do not know.
Alice: I can’t put it any more clearly, sir, because it isn’t clear to me.


17 Jan

yes. so that was my motto for the past days.

it’s fashion week in berlin, in case you are not aware of that.

and my wonderful, amazing gal nina @mamzellev was in town to make the (capsule) happen in postbahnhof with blacklodges. so when she called out for me to work there like i already did last summer, i couldn’t say anything but yes. an oppurtunity to be around her, to get out of the studio, to get back together with some great people i hadn’t seen in a while and to meet some new ones, to observe this fascinating, weird, beloved fashion crowd. and to party! and that’s what i did. oh, i partied. sweden showed me how to slam my glasses and bottles on the table properly before drinking, france played the right tunes to shake my hips till dawn, the netherlands proved that they are good at surprises.

after my letting go issues that was the right thing to do.

well, two hours of sleep weren’t that much, but whatever. i have YSL beautysleep in my beauty bag. since this discovery i’m like: who needs sleep anyways. (the secret is to put it on in the morning!! not as they say before you sleep… how could you if you don’t. ha!).

so after 8 hours of (capsule) again yesterday, i had a quick hop into the studio again to do my ‘normal’ job.

later that evening the ones that were still standing went for dinner at zsa zsa burger in berlin schöneberg. a recommendation by wonderful food blogger paul fritze.

after that just a few more drinks at stagger lee. the bestestest bar in this city, if you ask me.

and that was it for me. thanks for these great days, my love nina. but also tack, sweden! merci, france! thanks, great britain! danke je well, nederlands!



capsule day one required some colors on my skirt.


where the magic happened. postbahnhof.


hello teamgloria! berlin adores a chandelier, too!


while i was waiting for my coffee, some lights were shining. reminded me of NYC.


denim demon taught me to slam it.


no words needed.  #love

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