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9 Mar

i had to wait wait wait at work.

waiting on a saturday is more boring than waiting on another day. true story.


and then i dubbed a parrot in the tv series ‘dog with a blog’. yes, a parrot!

this is the episode.


later: time for some juice ❤



4 tomatoes

1 piece of ginger

3 purple carrots

1/2 lime

a few rasberries & blueberries

1 blood orange

3 table spoons aloe vera

1 small beet root

a dash of salt and pepper

and then time for some contemplation and paper cutting….

Bildwho are YOU?

i hope you have a blissfull saturday. will go for some sushi and to the movies later. oz the great and powerful it will be.

oh, and one more thing: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, you wonderful person ❤ this is an upcoming berlin band with their latest song… for you, TG ❤

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