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falling into the new week.

14 Oct

it’s monday and i’m trying to fall into the new week. smoothly. with a gentle touch down.

that’s why i listen to haim. those three beautiful girls from sunny california (which i miss more and more the further autumn steps forward). i love their music and their style ❤


my weekend was quite packed.


physiotherapie, meeting beautiful (neighbour) friends, strolling over the farmers market which is right next door, watching a thunder storm from my rooftop, rooting for nana at the asics 10 grand marathon which came through the berlin zoo where we stayed afterwards (well, me and my friends did. nana had to run some further, of course). then the weekend ended with a visit at berlin’s friedrichstadtpalast which is supposed to have las vegas standard shows. i’ve never been to a las vegas show. so i cannot tell, but what i enjoyed it a lot. also i probably would never have gone by myself but some workmates invited me and why not. (fun fact: one of the work mates, is the german voice of bugs bunny).

so here’s my weekend in pictures.

i wish you all a great fall, sail, glide into the new week.

be well x




come away with me.

23 Sep

is there anything more soothing than the sea breeze? the wind playing with your hair. salt tingling on your skin. seagulls. vastness. aaahhh!

i don’t think so there’s anyithing more soothing and comforting. except for maybe my mum making me a cup of warm milk with candied sugar. but mum wasn’t there, so marco and me drove all the way up north to the island rügen in the baltic sea.

and once you’re on your way, you don’t need anything but a good friend, a chilled playlist (which your friend LOVES to sing along to, although he knows hardly any of the songs), a fantastic book and a nice hotel right by the sea with spa and sauna (in case you want to ask me AGAIN: yes, us germans go into the sauna NAKED and no, there’s nothing sexual about it).

so let me take you on my weekend trip, listen to my playlist and hear the seagull’s cry.


















ohne dich (without you)

7 Sep

oh ! my ! GOD!

i’ve been dying for this song by selig some years ago. but this remake by hurts just kills it. love the tune. LOVE LOVE LOVE their cute accent. yes yes yes! nothing more to say.

except for. you don’t have to stay much longer OHNE MICH (without me). i’ll be back soon with news from my vacation in mallorca, what’s happening in berlin and upcoming stuff.

meanwhile thank you for staying tuned and checking in on me.

be well xxx



i’m a runner too.

9 Jun


but i don’t want to kill myself.

one more week to go till LA. i am beyond excited…

before i go, i have to record an audio book, 5 episodes of “henry hugglemonster” and sing 10 songs for this series. that’s why this week seems very very long to me.

can’t wait though.

cali, i’m coming soon.

the great gatsby. a trip.

27 May

yesterday me and my lovely haidresser friend nina spent the evening at the movies watching

the great gatsby.

3 D and OV.

if you watch it, do watch it in 3 D. and if you liked moulin rouge you will ADORE gatsby. for me it was not so much about the story (we all do know the story, right?) or the actors (yeah, leo is getting better with age like a good wine. i used to adore carey mulligan but was shocked at her botox forehead in cannes last week and kind of tend to loose my respect. how old is she? uuh, 28 already! botox time! WTF?)…

no it showed that the whole music/photography/music/3D experience turned out to be quite a trip.

yes, amazing costumes. thank you miu miu and prada for that.

but the music! loved it. always with a twist and certainly a lot of humour.

even lana del rey’s (choke!) contribution made sense.

emeli sandé  ❤ ❤ ❤

ah, and brian ferry!!!! brian ferry. thank you. i’ve always loved you. (and if you read this: sorry for stalking you on a london antique fair some years ago. i just couldn’t help myself ❤ )

spring took me hostage. and i fell in love with him.

12 May


* dreaming, watching the may-clouds sail by, sitting and sniffing the beautiful limetree blossom/lilac scented air, kissing, drinking coffee in the sunshine, smiling at strangers, baking grandma’s nutcake with lemon icing for a friend, listening to the cry of the sparrows, wishing upon them stars, driving around town with emeli sandé in an endless loop of several weeks

but i am still around and i have a lot to tell that is swirling and whirling up in my mind. but this fresh aired life outside is just too tempting these days. stay true, my dear friends.

(i took this photo at the olympus photography playground today and it shows my sis nana. more about this amazing place soon.)

james blake is back.

10 Feb

and i love him!

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