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the beginning.

3 Jan

i grew out of my blogspot blog that i haven’t posted on for over a year. and now i’m here. not sure yet where this will lead, but i have the feeling that there will be some stories to be told this year.

so this is to 2013! it will be a good one for all who are ready to have an amazing year. this i know for sure.

today i passed a classical berlin decadence place. quartier 206. perfect for girls to have a carrie bradshaw kind of day. and which girl wouldn’t like that? a glass of champagne, walking around and wandering through marc jacobs bags, prada shoes, a delightful scented lush flower shop etc etc.

definitely a place to love.

so here’s not only to 2013, but also to the decadent places we love. which is your favourite decadent place in berlin? or around the world? tell me!

quartier 206

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