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the californication diary:: los angeles – the long-awaited get-together with @teamgloria.

13 Jul

it’s already been over two years, i assume, since i discovered @teamgloria‘s instagram which is filled with photos that make you believe that life is dream of lushness and luxury, subtle beauty and caressing candle light, cashmere and books, pink marilyn monroe phones, hiding behind large sunglasses and sipping martinis at château marmont.

in short, you want to know more about the person behind teamgloria. or is it more than one person, i asked myself before i started following her blog.

if you want to know more about teamgloria or sophia go here and find out more. or as she says herself, there you can read about who she is “in real life”.

i am fascinated by her ever since we met for the first time during my journey to NYC in december 2012. by her story, her life, her energy, her beautiful smile and voice (it is a bit fragile yet strong with an amazingly enchanting british accent. i think, she should be a voice actress, just like me) and when she moved from new york to los angeles it was clear to me that whenever i would cross the ocean and huge parts of the american continent to visit hollywood i would totally meet sophia as well.

so there we were. in los angeles. six months later.

i had already spent some days at my new home away from home in the hollywood hills and was very delighted by the prospect of some , let’s say, europeanism (those who know, know).

sophia suggested to pick me up (thanks again!!!) in the morning and off we went (in her very environmentally friendly prius).

so here it is. my day with @teamgloria. well, to be precise, this was my first day with her. we had two more lovely meetings afterwards under the californian sun…. but all in good time ❤

IMG_8616 IMG_8617 IMG_8618

sophia took me to the highschool where they filmed “GREASE” ♡♡♡ could you have guessed?



sophia dancing with her shadow…


falling in love with cars happens hourly in los angeles….


sophia took us to YOLK, the beautiful store of maria in silverlake, another wonderful insta-lady.

it was hard for me not to spent all my holiday money there. if you ever happen to be in LA, make sure to stop by.

also, i really enjoyed silverlake. it has something villagey to it that made me as a european feel at home instantly. little cafés and shops, a cute neighborhood that actually allows you to WALK around. hard to find in LA.

IMG_8627 IMG_8630 IMG_8635


we drove through studio city past all those famous studios…


and then sophia took me to BIG BOY for lunch. ah-mazing! felt like a time travel to the fifties. (i didn’t eat a burger, i had a nice BLT sandwich. yum!)

IMG_8648 IMG_8650


afterwards we went to LACMA where we spent some time at the extraordinary stanley kubrick exhibition.


IMG_8666 IMG_8658 IMG_8668 IMG_8669 IMG_8670 IMG_8673 IMG_8674 IMG_8676

which is your favourite kubrick movie?

if i ever go back to LA (which i’m sure i will), i’m certainly going to spend more time at LACMA…

IMG_8680 IMG_8686 IMG_8697

sophia …


vielen dank, sophia, für diesen wunderschönen tag*

and for all you others: be sure that @teamgloria will reappear in at least one other episode of my californication diary. if not in two.

be well, friends xxxx


blood sisterhood.

15 Mar

when i met nana some years ago at work, i already knew that we are one of a kind.

nevertheless it took some more time to find out that we are sisters at heart.

it was late summer and my grandma had just died. i had to call all the companies i work with to tell them that i had to take off some days at work to travel to the other side of the country for her funeral. i was devastated.

(my grandma has taught me so much, but the greatest gift she gave me on my way was unconditional love. not only her’s but with her actions she also taught me how to see beauty in everything when you look at things with the eyes of love. she never said something like that to me. it was the way she lived her life. i observed and learned). i was devastated about this loss but you couldn’t really tell from the outside. i tried to be strong and calm when i was confronted with co-workers (must be the capricorn in me, i guess).

and then…

there was nana. she saw me on a corridor at work, came to me and said: “you have lost someone, too.” (she herself  had lost a family member shortly before)

then she put her arms around me and for the first time i could exhale and give in to that sadness. we stood there for a while quietly (that’s how i remember it) and ever since it was clear to me. GIRLFRIENDS! we belong together.

that was in 2008 and our friendship has grown ever since.

there is so much you can say about nana. but when you meet her, what will attract your attention first, is her pure and positive spirit. she is a heart-openener. and i love heart-openeners! she will make you laugh in an instant. she is an amazing mum and a great boss (she doesn’t only do voice acting herself, she is also a voice over director). oh, i love to work with her.

during my last massive lovesickness she hovered over me. never left me. stayed with me the whole dark night through.

well, i could go on for hours. but this was only meant to be the introduction to what i ACTUALLY want to talk about…. so i won’t bore you with more details. in case you didn’t get it yet, i break it down to this one sentence: i love that girl! 

one fine day nana and me decided we should become friendship/sister tattoos.

1st step: what to get? we went through several brainstorming sessions. we loved THIS. but then we were afraid that it might be somthing you might get tired of after a while. then we got into the idea of two birds sitting on one string (if you put the arms together it would be one string and the birds each on one of our arms). but again, i am more of a symbolical/graphical tattoo girl. then one day nana and me were talking about something, she said: “our hearts have the same beat.” and that was when the idea popped up in my head.

“let’s go to the doc, let him get hold of our ECG-waves and that’s gonna be our tattoos!”            no sooner said than done!

step 2: appointment at the doc’s to get our ECG-waves. the whole staff of the practice was ever so sweet and supportive and they loved our idea.

very exciting!




step 3: the actual tattoo day. we went to flügel & schwert, the tattoo store of the band haudegen.


last wednesday it was!

sun was shining, we were happy. went to the other side of the city and got our tats.

first nana…



and then me.

before i jumped on the chair the tattoo boy and me had this funny conversation:

me: “so, are you pierre?”

him: “no, i’m jared.”

me: “oh, ok. i’m julia. i think, we should know each other’s names before you tattoo me. i mean, this is not a random act, we start some sort of relationship now.”

him: “oh.” (he looks irritated)

me: “i mean, not a relationship but it’s a bond in a way.”

hahaha! he didn’t get me, i think. but that’s okay.


yeah, it did hurt. more than my other tats. but it was worthwhile.


now i have her heartbeat so close to mine ❤


la véracité du cœur brisé.

11 Mar

my heart has been broken and put together again several times.

whose hasn’t?

current status quo: resting, quite balanced, mainly happy with a slight tendency towards temporary booboos and melancholy.

would you have guessed?

what i’ve learned though throughout the past years is (caution! stereotypes! i call them ‘wise stereotypes’)

– it is ok to be hurt

– it is ok to have a broken heart

– it is ok to feel your heart is weak, stupid and minor

– it is ok to be cautious

BUT only as long as 

– you realize your heart is NOT weak, stupid and minor. in fact, it is unbreakable!

– you don’t become overcautious and are still free enough to see the good coming your way

– you don’t become a slave of your broken heart

– you put yourself out there again! yes! do it!

and now look at this comic. it totally made my day ♥ (you have to open it in another tab and click on it again to enlarge it)



how is your heart’s status quo?

tell me xxx

sunshine, tourists and a long overdue get together.

4 Mar

my snuffles kept me from enjoying the dolce vita aka sun and blue skies and i spent most of the past days in my bed sleeping and watching silly tv series.

on saturday though (the sun was gloriously shining and people were wandering through the streets with surprised, irritated and happy expressions on their faces staring into the sky. a bit like sleeping beauty after spending 100 years in a daze), on saturday i went out to help my dear friend johanna find a dress for an awards ceremony she’s invited to. we walked around berlin mitte, looked at quite a few dresses and had a little break with a coffee in the sun at


i love this place! it is huge and surrounded by wonderful buildings. but most of all, it has a good energy. even when it’s crowded, this place is peaceful and bright.

before we got there, johanna said: “this place is like munich in berlin.” as we stood on the place she said: “no, it’s not true. this is still so berlin.”

i think, i know what she meant:

the monumental historical buildings, the old times that you can smell. the imperial vibrancy of the architecture. but then, you look further, you see ‘plattenbauten‘ (typical postwar buildings in germany, many of them in eastberlin, made out of precast concrete slabs), you see the berlin sky (yes, people, it IS different from the munich sky, no kidding) and you know where you are. it is berlin!!

so we sat there on a bench in the sun, i had a cappuccino to go, she had a smoke and we looked at the buildings and the blue sky and the tourists and let the sun tickle our nose.


and today, oh happy day, after having my first day of recordings for my new animated series “henry hugglemonster” (i am henry’s sister sonny hugglemonster, the one on the left side),


i finally met


we’ve been talking via twitter for, i guess, 3 years now, maybe longer… and never managed to get together.

but ever since i started THREETIMESYES and she transferred her old blog into something new, we’ve started to comment on each other’s posts and all of a sudden a RL meeting seemed very necessary.

and there we were meeting in an old granny’s café (average age 75, i guess. a lot of purple hairdos around) and oh, miss beautycalypse is wonderful!

clever and witty and pretty and i love her voice ❤

go check out her blog, please HERE.

Foto 1

10 Feb

this just needs to be reblogged without any comments or anything. thanky ou teamgloria for inspiring me on so many levels ❤

teamgloria, inc.


are you having a delicious saturday?

are you Trapped Under Snow on the east coast?

we saw the live-picture-feed via the interweb of the Nemo Blizzard.

Peter showed us the View from his Room (which, coincidentally is where we took These)


Eleanor sent word of walking-through-the-Blizzard.


elsewhere: george shared a Most Interesting link to NPR’s program(me) on Balenciaga.


Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 10.01.33 AM

D gave us something Saucy to muse on……

Heather all the way over the Ocean (not that way – that way – across to La Belle France) introduced us to Kipling, a beautiful new soul.

miss jules berlin wrote about a video which left us bereft at the idea of digital-memories-disappearing into the Ether beyond.

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 10.00.09 AM

Julia (don’t forget to say it out loud with a Y – miss jules is over there in divinely-decadent Berlin so “Yulia” is the sound you’re looking for) Inspired us to think about…

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quadron – slipping

1 Feb

perfect tune to slip and slide into the weekend ❤ i’m playing it in a constant loop.


29 Jan

i’ve been jumping from studio to studio today. voice over for all different kinds of things.

now: tired. ready for bath-tubbing.

i’ve been confronted with many colleagues today. mostly men and it was interesting to see that in two of three studios i came in today, the first thing after “hello julia” was some sexist joke. i was actually wondering if it is always like this and i just don’t realize because i’m so used to it already or if i only paid more attention to this now due to the actual debate caused by the brüderle-incident (for my non-german readers you can check out what i’m talking about here). i’m not sure. i guess, it is always like this and i am just laughing it away. in fact, i think i even contribute to all this sexism with my own little jokes and chit-chats. is it because i really enjoy making these kind of jokes? or is it some kind of self-defense? if you’d asked me two weeks ago, i would’ve said the first. i will have to make up my mind about that. what do you think about this whole debate, ladies? and how do you experience sexist jokes in your everyday worklife?

other than that i had to focus and concentrate on so many different images (for the ones of you who are not aware of what i’m doing: i am working as a voice over artist for movies, tv series, animes, cartoons, audio plays etc etc) that i cannot take anymore input today. and then i found this little video i add down below and it made me think of a journey i made 2001 to new zealand where i spent three weeks on a lonely island, yes no kidding, and there was nothing around it except for the sea and the wind and the sky. not even ships passing by or anything.

i’ve never experienced silence like this before.

this was true silence. where you don’t hear anything man-made. only the sounds of nature.

i try to recall this kind of silence every once in a while. and i know that it can be found deep inside of me. but it’s not easy. maybe i need to go back one day to my island.

so enjoy this little video. i think, it’s beautiful and soothing.

have a great evening or day…depending where you are.

peace, julia xxx

source: nowness

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