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your heart is busy somewhere else.

17 Jan


do you know ingeborg bachmann? this is a line from one of her poems.
time passes, flowers are growing, withering.
and i am here. reading a lot, working a LOT, preparing some readings i am doing with my friend nana spier (more to come). but i am still here. and wanted to let you know.. just in case you were wondering.
just in case.

be well, my friends.



tis true.

11 Oct


ohne dich (without you)

7 Sep

oh ! my ! GOD!

i’ve been dying for this song by selig some years ago. but this remake by hurts just kills it. love the tune. LOVE LOVE LOVE their cute accent. yes yes yes! nothing more to say.

except for. you don’t have to stay much longer OHNE MICH (without me). i’ll be back soon with news from my vacation in mallorca, what’s happening in berlin and upcoming stuff.

meanwhile thank you for staying tuned and checking in on me.

be well xxx



hometown glory.

4 Aug

i’m spending to days at my parents’ place in western germany before mum and i hit the german’s favourite island tomorrow.


we do this once every year and i can’t wait for the sea and the sand and summerbreezes and sundowners and a little summer fling would be nice too.

meanwhile i will leave you with some countrylife impressions.

be well, my friends.



sweet sweet melody.

17 Jul

i wish you all a happy summer’s day*

(i’m off to the studio now for my third day of recordings for my next audiobook) 


i will be back. when the time comes. 

22 May

i will be back. when the time comes.


try it!

25 Feb

Bildand tell me what your ‘simple hello’ led to this week.

have a great monday, peeps ❤

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