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frohe ostern!

31 Mar

my dad flew me in for the easter days, so i am here. at home just for two nights.

(he called me three weeks ago and said: “if i pay for the ticket, would you come for easter?” something like this has never happend before, so i agreed of course, although the next week will be tough and i just returned from barcelona, as you might know…. yes yes, the barcelona blog post is still on the list, will be there soon).

so, i will leave you with some countryside easter impressions, it’s been snowing since last night. weirdly we had a green and warm christmas and now this. it hurts a bit to see all those cute birds here build their nests in those snow masses.

other than that there’s been happy news from LA. someone finally got her greencard after many many years* happy for you. let’s celebrate* (i’ll have a drink on you tonight).




die, winter! DIE!

19 Mar

the idea of me being an assassin who brings death to


helps me. Bild

i woke up this morning to a white mess.

snow snow snow snow snow everywhere (insert a hysterical laughter). i know it is boring to complain about something you cannot change. especially moaning about the weather is totally yesterday.

but honestly, it sucks! it’s march now and that is what my world looks like …………………….





that’s the view from my living room! yay!

i’ve been looking through my photos and this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly this date one year ago:


and this is almost exactly two years ago, at the end of march 2011:

Bildbut hey, let’s not dwell in the past for the time is now!

let’s just make plans together how to get rid of mister winter. i think, none of the common methods would work. guns? knifes? poison?

any ideas?

meanwhile i start thinking about a good convenient obituary. something like:

Sir Winter

✝ 21.03.2013

He was strong, he was cold, he sometimes showed his soft side. But at the end he has been defeated by smooth green blades of grass and tender flower buds. We won’t miss him, because we know he will be back sooner than expected. 

listen to:


when the birds come back.

8 Mar

first you hear them cry, then you look up and you see them in a perfect formation.

it is late autumn and the wild geese leave the country to go to warmer areas for the winter.


and then: winter. long. cold. grey. sometimes white. the nature rests. the city is freezing. snow falls and melts. and falls again. pretty and white. and the dirt of the concrete jungle turns everything grey.

last week. early morning. the sun was shining, i was outside. and i could hardly believe when i heard them again. i looked up. and: there they were. coming back.

already? i thought.

hello, little wild geese. i do hope it’s not too early. cause the winter came back today. and only god knows when it’s finally spring ❤


happy weekend to you, lovelies. have you seen the wild geese yet? ❤

one of those days. some of those days.

28 Feb


you know these days, don’t you?

you feel a cold sneaking up your legs, climbing slowly up to your throat,

you are sick of the greyish greyness that this city offers you in such a variety that you are suprised… even after 12 winters that you’ve spent here,

you feel heavy, your heart is heavy, your soul demands to listen to nirvana 24/7 and you cannot refuse because you are just too weak to do so (with your last ounce of strength you TRY to smuggle a funny, light fun song into your melancholia playlist on spotify, but you can’t…. the funnest you can find is this…


yes, you are in there. not even knee-deep anymore. the melancholia embraces you softly, caresses you, but only as long as you hold still. when you try to move she grabs you harder. and smiles at you with her cold blue eyes.

but then, all of a sudden…

you walk down the street and you look up…. and there is…

a bunch of red balloons in the tree. and you smile from one ear to another. and the smile won’t fade till you go to sleep.

(and you even start smiling a few days later, when your friend teamgloria tells you on IG that she listened to 99 RED BALLONS while she was driving down rodeo drive!!!! how cool is that? TG, did you listen to it in german or english??)

Foto 5

and on the next day you are up very early to bring your car to the car workshop. you walk home under a cloudy sky (yet again) and this time you don’t look up, you look down. and…

Foto 2

your steps start to become more lightly and you decide to buy yourself a hint of spring…

Foto 1

you start to feel your head again. and your heart. but you know that miss melancholia is still somewhere around you. running, sniffing. knowing that she just lost sight of you for a second but will find you again.

that is okay, you start thinking… you decide that next time you see her, you might invite her for a cup of tea and while you think about that plan, you start smiling because in fact,  you know that you want to thank her because she doesn’t only tear you down, she also inspires you, carries you to new insights. yes! you will write a nice pretty card to her and ask her over for a tea. but this time YOU choose the date and time. you might even give her a little present. some black roses or a book with poems by mascha kaléko. yes, she’ll love that!

maybe miss melancholia and me can become friends?

while making plans for our next gathering, i listen to these beautiful tunes that i never get tired of. not too a happy sound, I KNOW! but there’s a hope in it, don’t you think?

those lyrics!!!

I know that I’ve been mad in love before 
And how it could be with you 
Really hurt me baby, really hurt me baby 
How can you have a day without a night 
You’re the book that I have opened 
And now I’ve got to know much more

The curiousness of your potential kiss 
Stopped my mind and body aching 
Really hurt me baby, really hurt me baby 
How can you have a day without a night 
You’re the book that I have opened 
And now I’ve got to know much more

Like a soul without a mind 
In a body without a heart 
I’m missing every part 
Like a soul without a mind 
In a body without a heart 
I’m missing every part

the girl and the juice.

26 Feb


after several feasts around christmas and new years and some alcoholic days throughout january, i got inspired by amanda who is juicefasting since january 1st. every time i saw her fruit/juice pics, i got a visual vitamin boost. and i wanted it too. in real life! i wanted to taste it and feel the energy flow down my throat. the more i looked at the photos of amanda’s juices or of the plates where she had the beautifully cut fruit on, i thought: ” yesss, juice is the new black!!!” i started to do some research and decided to go for the bosch mes 3000 juicer (sounds quite manly, doesn’t it? and it’s true, the bosch is a tough guy, standing strong even if you give him several beet roots and carrots and ginger. he squishes them all!)

and now i am juicefasting too. i started three weeks ago but other than amanda who is ONLY drinking juice, i replace 50% or 75% of my daily meals with juice.

at first i took my recipes from joe the reboot guy. 

after a while you get a feeling though what you can combine and what might taste yummy and you start to make up your own recipes.



  • 1 beet root
  • 3 oranges
  • 1 big carrots
  • ginger
  • 5 physalis
  • a small cup of rasberries



  • 1 cucumber 
  • 6 cabbage leaves
  • 2 coriander stems
  • 1 apple
  • 1 pear
  • 1 thumb size peace of fennel
  • 1/2 package of blueberries



  • 1 bloodorange
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 teaspoon pollen
  • ginger
  • 1/3 honey melon

i can’t tell you any miracles that resulted out of my juicefasting action so far. but i can see some changes already:

after standing strong and healthy for 3 months now through the freezing and grey berlin winter, i finally managed to catch a cold now. and normally i am in a miserable state when that happens. it starts with a sore throat, then i get a fever and so forth. i don’t want to bore you with that. the good thing though is, it feels like i pass each stage of this nasty illness faster then i normally do. and what else should i ascribe this to than to my beautiful juices? which leads me to the next asset:

the beauty of the juice.

don’t you think that it looks like art? like a painting? like a color explosion? i find it soothing already to stare at my juice for a while after i made it. the juice is a poem.

one of my colleagues a very charming guy said to me: “what? you’re only drinking juice? you must stink like a cow after a while!” haha, we’re all bursting with laughter! and i can appease you, i don’t smell any different than i normally do (and my normal smell is: milk and honey with a slight hint of caramel, just so that you know).

another positive observation i made is: people frequently ask me if i’ve been on vacation and that i am glowing (even if i feel like s**t that day). my answer usually is ‘no’. and then they continue: “well, then you must be in love…”

me, smiling: “it must be the JUICE!”

f you decide to start a juice detox too or if you’ve already done it, tell me about your experiences. i’d love to know.

and here’s another nice boost juice for you.



  • two hands full of fresh baby spinach
  • 2 apples
  • 1 stem of a cellery
  • 1 point of a knife chlorella
  • ginger
  • 1/3 of a medium size fennel


a walk in the park.

9 Feb

A walk in the park
I’ve got to get some sense back into my head
I’m in the dark and I can’t see where I’m being led
I’d give the world to set the clock back
and act like a man
where can I turn
to save myself from this confusion
A walk in the park a step in the dark
a walk in the park a trip in the dark
I’m getting away escaping today
a walk in the park

i’m sure i planted some tunes in your head now, didn’t i? in germany we call it “ohrwurm” when you have a song stuck in your head. i once heard jason mraz call it song karma and i liked that expression too. but “ohrwurm” is better. “ohr” is the german word for “ear” and  a “wurm” is a “worm”. the song is basically a worm that glides into your ear and is stuck in your head afterwards. don’t you like that?

today i needed that walk in a park, so i called my dear friend marco and we went to our beautiful tiergarten. it used to be berlin’s largest park until the airport tempelhof has been closed down a few years ago and its’ airstrip has been turned into a park to the public.

i love the tiergarten in summer when the city is boiling hot but under the trees you always find a fresh breeze. i drive around with my bike there and discover little ponds and bridges. there’s something to be found for everyone, even a so-called “tuntenwiese” (“faglawn”), where the gay guys lay around all naked (yes yes, my fellow american friends, they are ALL naked!!!) and watch and cruise and so on.

as soon as we arrived there the sun came out and it was just a frosted white glittery fairytale stroll.


Bildi found a tree fairy too. #humantrees




Bildand when we had enough, we went to café am neuen see. a place i rediscovered a year ago. in the summer, you can sit outside in the beer garden by the lake, rent a boat and sail along with your date (it’s a cute first date place, i think). and in the winter time, you sit in the cozy pavilion that from the outside has a sixties charm, but on the inside looks like a cozy cabin with an open fire and a lot of wood. the cakes are delicious there, but you can also go for a lovely breakfast, pizza or a yummy steak. also a great place to observe people.

and then the sun went down and i thought: “i made some good memories today.”



25 Jan

snowflakes are falling

quietly. down. down.     but i scream



have a happy friday, lovely people! xxx

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