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sunshine, tourists and a long overdue get together.

4 Mar

my snuffles kept me from enjoying the dolce vita aka sun and blue skies and i spent most of the past days in my bed sleeping and watching silly tv series.

on saturday though (the sun was gloriously shining and people were wandering through the streets with surprised, irritated and happy expressions on their faces staring into the sky. a bit like sleeping beauty after spending 100 years in a daze), on saturday i went out to help my dear friend johanna find a dress for an awards ceremony she’s invited to. we walked around berlin mitte, looked at quite a few dresses and had a little break with a coffee in the sun at


i love this place! it is huge and surrounded by wonderful buildings. but most of all, it has a good energy. even when it’s crowded, this place is peaceful and bright.

before we got there, johanna said: “this place is like munich in berlin.” as we stood on the place she said: “no, it’s not true. this is still so berlin.”

i think, i know what she meant:

the monumental historical buildings, the old times that you can smell. the imperial vibrancy of the architecture. but then, you look further, you see ‘plattenbauten‘ (typical postwar buildings in germany, many of them in eastberlin, made out of precast concrete slabs), you see the berlin sky (yes, people, it IS different from the munich sky, no kidding) and you know where you are. it is berlin!!

so we sat there on a bench in the sun, i had a cappuccino to go, she had a smoke and we looked at the buildings and the blue sky and the tourists and let the sun tickle our nose.


and today, oh happy day, after having my first day of recordings for my new animated series “henry hugglemonster” (i am henry’s sister sonny hugglemonster, the one on the left side),


i finally met


we’ve been talking via twitter for, i guess, 3 years now, maybe longer… and never managed to get together.

but ever since i started THREETIMESYES and she transferred her old blog into something new, we’ve started to comment on each other’s posts and all of a sudden a RL meeting seemed very necessary.

and there we were meeting in an old granny’s café (average age 75, i guess. a lot of purple hairdos around) and oh, miss beautycalypse is wonderful!

clever and witty and pretty and i love her voice ❤

go check out her blog, please HERE.

Foto 1


that’s it. (imagine me saying that with my *proud* voice)

18 Feb

today i finished the recordings for the audio book.

now i feel happy and sad at the same time.

it was such a great experience and for me as a voice over artist who is often at three different jobs each day, it was wonderful to work on just ONE project for all these days. that might sound funny to you. but to me it felt like the biggest luxury.

i was so close to the story or better… i was diving IN the story of the book that it feels weird now that it’s over,

now there’s nothing more for me to do than

looking foward to the result.

thank you once again to daphne, the author. it was great to be in contact with you. it opened another level for me to the book that i am very grateful for.

and thanks again to basti, my fabulous audio engineer! you rocked!


oh, and to get into the mood. i just found this himmelstiefe-music on daphne’s site. enjoy*

once upon a time….

15 Feb

…there was a girl who accepted a new challenge. something she had never done before: she recorded an audio book.

on sunday she was a bit scared because she was about to do something unknown. but she was also excited. she went to bed early and got up before the sun managed to smile through the morning clouds.

on monday she took a little basket with an apple, an orange, a large teapot with warm ginger tea and went into the dark forest to see her grandmother… oh no no no… wait, that’s another story…

uuum, she took her little basket and off she went to the studio.

she already knew that she loved the story of the book. but what she didn’t know yet was that she was very very lucky because she should have the best co-worker and audio engineer she could imagine.

so she spent one day after another on a small white table with a lamp she soon became friends with. and a microphone.

day 1



every day when she came home to her little castle, she was very tired. she couldn’t talk to anyone   of her friends because she was so exhausted and she had already released so many words throughout the day (the only person she talked to twice on the phone was her mum).

she was tired, but also very happy.

Bildday 2

one day her fabulous co-worker even had a vegan brownie for her which was very very delicious and made her even more happy. they both worked hard. but there was always time for a laugh too.


the girl flew through this week like a bird.

the story she told carried her like a river carrying a paperboat. and the pile of paper in front of her, the pages that she had already read, grew larger and larger with each day.

day 3


you’re probably wondering at this point: “okay, okay, this is a nice fairy tale. but where is the prince? or the evil queen? in every good story there is an evil queen…!” i must disappoint you. there won’t be any prince in this story (although it was valentine’s day yesterday). and no evil queen.

(if you happen to KNOW a prince though, feel free to pass the girl’s contact details on to him. you know where to find her).

day 4


on friday she made it through a difficult part of the story and was a bit proud. when she went home the air was crisp and cold, but she heard some birds singing. and although the day ended as grey as it started, she could see many bursting colors in the sky. (yes, yes, it sounds cheesy, we all know that! but hey, open up for some romance. we already left the prince out of this story, and it is a fairy tale after all, so why can’t there be some bursting colours?)

day 5


this is not the ending yet. the recordings will be finished on monday. let us wait and see how this fairy tale will end. and until then…. have a wonderful weekend, you lovely princesses and fairies and knights and court jesters and evil queens and frog kings. xxx

audiobook. day two.

12 Feb

i ran out of words.

no no. don’t worry. my second day in the studio working on the audio book went amazingly good. i came to the passages that i was most afraid of in the story. the reason for this was that there were so many different characters in one chapter, and they were all communicating with EACH OTHER. and ME, you know, I had to be ALL of them. it scared me a bit. but as soon as i was back in the studio, with those words and this lovely story… it all just HAPPENED. it was a bit magical to be honest.

i’ve been reading and reading for hours and when i made a small break, i realized the sun had come out. so i chilled in the studio lounge for a while and enjoyed the view.

Bildsoon i went back into the dark and read and read and read….

and then it was 5 pm and i had to leave this other world again that i am captured in these days. and i had to leave my little desk with the lamp that i have already become close friends with (everytime i raise my voice to scream, i have to touch the lampshade so it won’t make a vibrant noise caused by my scream… that’s why we’re already quite intimate, the lamp and me).

five o’clock. time to go home.

Bildnow i am here on my sofa writing more words and letters. but i can’t talk anymore. my voice is fine. working well (thank you!). but i feel like there is no more energy to speak. i just want to sit in silence and smile and be happy about life and the many pages that i read aloud today.

some friends called me this evening, but i couldn’t answer. sorry, friends, you know who you are and you know that i love you!

so, i am thinking about this lovely story teamgloria told me in a comment she made on my post about my day one in the studio:

“a friend (actor) worked with olympia dukakis and she was told to Rest Her Voice before the evening’s performance so she went around with a large note hung from a ribbon (we made that bit up – hope it was a ribbon) that said VOICE REST.”

isn’t that a gorgeous story?

i need such a note too for when i run out of words like i feel now. and i was thinking if maybe tiffany&co might be interested in producing a silver plate on a necklace saying VOICE REST. i would certainly buy one ❤

have a wonderful evening (or day if you are in LA 🙂 ) whether you spend it in silence ore not.

love, julia.

audiobook. day one.

11 Feb

today it was THE day. me against the book. seven hours in a dark room. with all these page, a bottle of water and a microphone. i was excited like before my A-levels. my first audio book!


so probably now you wonder who won… we both did.

it is only day one (i will be reading everyday now this week am to pm) but i can say already now that it is such an amazing experience for an actress (and actor, of course) to record an audio book. it is like playing a whole play all by yourself, you have to fill in every role and character completely committing to the story.

i love it.

Bildafter six hours of reading i got to a point where all the letters and words started to jump around in front of me and merged into one. but a coffee helped and i was able to go on for several pages.

looking forward to day two of this adventure.

are you with me?

and now i’m off to bathtub and bed. xxx


a sunny day.

6 Feb

i am tired, it’s been a long day. but it was a good day, so i need to share it with you.

Bildthis is me. just now. and you can see something on this photo that makes me very happy. i have my mum’s necklace back. this necklace i got from my mum when i moved to berlin. and she bought it years and years and years ago from her first self-earned money. i love it so much. it is a good luck charm. even more than that. it is so pretty and beautiful. i almost wear it every day. when i know that i have to spend the day with an idiot director in the studio, i need it and when i wear it, i feel like nothing can harm me. so you can imagine the shock i had when it broke last week!!! my friend nana recommended a jeweler to me where i went (an amazing place, it looks like you time travelled back into the sixties). i wasn’t very hopeful though when i brought my precious necklace there. the lady said to me: “this necklace has been loved and been worn a lot. i don’t know if we can fix it.” we got separated for a week (a WHOLE week) not knowing if we would be skin on skin ever again. last night i had a nightmare: i wanted to pick it up and the jeweler handed out a necklace to me that looked like it had been made by a 3-year-old in kindergarten.

me: “no, no, this is not my necklace.”

jeweler: “yes, yes. it is.”

me: “no, please bring me my necklace.”

jeweler: “this IS your necklace. i fixed it and it costs 180 €!”

you can imagine my relief when the lady today at the counter handed out my beautiful repaired and polished necklace to me. “this is a very pretty piece”, she said. my hands were shaking. i was so happy! and the mending only cost 10 €! happy happy happy!!!! biggest smile on my face when i went out of the jewelry store. and the shop assistant also did. i can truly recommend this place.

[oh, teamgloria, while i’m writing this, i’m listening to all about eve. 80s music sung by people who look like they’re stuck in the early 70s, gosh, they needed a hairbrush!!!! and a cut! badly! but i like it. it’s a good sitting-on-the-rooftop-in-a-black-berlin-night-tune. thanks for the inspiration.]…with the music i enjoy a nice glass of whiskey soda just now (1/3 whiskey, 2/3 soda, 4 ice cubes with a frozen raspberry inside. yum.)

oh, dear, i feel that i’m losing myself here… but the necklace story needed to be told (and so did the little whiskey sidenote). but the real essence of the day besides working was my meeting with


i was really excited about that. daphne unruh is the writer of the book ‘himmelstiefe’ that i’m going to record the audio book for as of next week.

i know about this project for about two months now and i am highly excited about it because it is my first audio book and i love the story. sorry, my english readers…. the book is not yet available in english, but daphne is working on it. and i can see it coming.

you must know that it is not common that the narrator meets the author of the book in advance, but we just had an interesting little email conversation during the past weeks and as we both live in berlin, why not?

we met in a café in prenzlauer berg that daphne had suggested. on the one hand because it is a lovely place and on the other hand because judith hermann had worked there before she became famous with her book ‘sommerhaus, später.’ we chatted and chatted over a tea and a café au lait. (i had the tea, she had the café). and although we didn’t talk that much about the book, for me it feels that it opened another inspirational level for my studio recordings next week. can’t wait to be there and tell kira’s story ❤

Bildyou should definitely check out daphne’s blog too. (in german) thanks for taking the time and chatting, daphne! i loved it.

what happened in your world, people? hope you had a great sunny day too.

love, julia


being a grown-up…

5 Feb


that’s what i thought yesterday. my week started with a meeting with my accountant and she had BAAAD news for me. an additional payment of taxes for the year 2011. a nice amount of money which i could certainly have used for a nice journey around the world for maybe two or three months.

after the shock she said: “the good thing is: you earned a lot of money in 2011!” awesome. then she offered me a gin.

oh, well, it’s only money, right? it all has to flow and go and come back and grow. nevertheless it made me upset. upset about myself. that i am so bad with facts and figures. i didn’t become an actress to have to deal with that sh**, um, i mean stuff!

so, i was a bit grumpy yesterday not without showing my capricorn-typical gallows humor.

i didn’t sleep very good and felt quite hungover this morning. (i remember i had a dream that started off quite interesting: some hot james franco look-alike who wasn’t wearing a shirt welcomed me on a deserted island and in an act of incredible manliness lit a fire for me. it was already night, the moon was up, i could hear the waves crashing in, he smiled at me and handed me a coconut to drink from it. i opened my little backpack that i had with me and…  started to take bank notes out of it to throw them into the fire!!!!!!!!!!!)

i knew the only thing that could light up my day (besides the sun that had surprisingly come out and showed herself in all her beauty)were my new yin yang leggins. and yes, they did a great job. everytime i looked down on me today, i felt quite happy and grounded. crazy, what a pair of leggings can do for you.



what i didn’t know at that time was that i would find two precious things in my mailbox today!

first: i got an amazing glamorous beautiful letter from teamgloria! i found it on my way to work, so i decided to open it when i was back home and all chilled and could enjoy a tea to go with it.


today was “grey’s anatomy” time. we’re currently dubbing the 9th season and i am the german voice of dr. april kepner. always so much fun, because sarah drew is an amazing actor. i love her. and i love april ❤ it is such a great gift if you can work on a character over several years like in this case. it feels like we are melting together more and more from episode to episode.

on this photo you don’t see me but my fellow voice actor colleague who is dubbing bailey.

Bildso after some hours on the microphone with april i thought: “hey, being a grown-up isn’t THAT bad after all.” I LOVE MY JOB.

voice acting does sometimes also mean waiting. for example when your colleagues are having a scene or a take without you. when i was waiting and sitting i tried to become friends with being an adult again, so i started my PRO/CON list you see all the way down below. but before i get to the essence of the list, let me finish my follow-me-thorugh-my-day-sightseeing-tour. as i can see you all still sit on your seats, waiting patiently for the next landmark.

and here we go, ladies and gentlemen…

here you see an amazing sky julia managed to shoot while driving home after work. ain’t that pretty? (btw another pro for being an adult: driving. and another: driving AND taking pictures while driving)


i was excited because i knew i still had teamgloria’s pretty chateau marmont letter in my bag. unopened!

at home there was another treat waiting for me. my girl nina (freundin, love, briefkastenliebe… a whole other story i will surely tell one day) had send me a blacklodges t-shirt.

ain’t that dope? if you want one, there’s only a few left, you can order at nina(at)


Bildfor my english speaking readers: freundin is the german word for a female friend. and ever since we met each other at the mailbox of our house where we used to live together here in berlin, we kept calling each other ‘freundin’ instead of our names. oh, now i did tell the story after all. but it’s too beautiful not too be told, don’t you think?

and then this:

Bildthis is simply gorgeous! thank you again, love! this is actually my first letter from hollywood. and i love it ❤

at this point i had already made friends with being a grown-up again.

i pulled my calendar out of my bag and found my PRO/CON list again. and look… there’s much more pros, and i know that i could add many many more to it right now!! maybe YOU would like to add some? feel free!

life is good!

(btw: while i’m writing this i am listening to sade. surely something you can only appreciate as a grown-up.)


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