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ingredients for a good day.

25 Sep

rise and shine early and

watch the sun rise and shine.


stand on the rooftop of your house

with a coffee mug in your hand and…


the wild geese above your head that say

***goodbye till next year***

(can you see them?)


inhale and exhale. cause the wild geese made you happy and sad at the same time…





for a run.

in your favourite park.



surprise a friend with some sex toys.


in case you’re in berlin and you dig some goodies like this too, go here.

and later on.

have a nice bubble bath.

lay down and feel like a postcard that has travelled

around the world

and is now being with

this person

who couldn’t await to hold it in his hands.


be well, friends*


ohne dich (without you)

7 Sep

oh ! my ! GOD!

i’ve been dying for this song by selig some years ago. but this remake by hurts just kills it. love the tune. LOVE LOVE LOVE their cute accent. yes yes yes! nothing more to say.

except for. you don’t have to stay much longer OHNE MICH (without me). i’ll be back soon with news from my vacation in mallorca, what’s happening in berlin and upcoming stuff.

meanwhile thank you for staying tuned and checking in on me.

be well xxx



hometown glory.

4 Aug

i’m spending to days at my parents’ place in western germany before mum and i hit the german’s favourite island tomorrow.


we do this once every year and i can’t wait for the sea and the sand and summerbreezes and sundowners and a little summer fling would be nice too.

meanwhile i will leave you with some countrylife impressions.

be well, my friends.



blood sisterhood.

15 Mar

when i met nana some years ago at work, i already knew that we are one of a kind.

nevertheless it took some more time to find out that we are sisters at heart.

it was late summer and my grandma had just died. i had to call all the companies i work with to tell them that i had to take off some days at work to travel to the other side of the country for her funeral. i was devastated.

(my grandma has taught me so much, but the greatest gift she gave me on my way was unconditional love. not only her’s but with her actions she also taught me how to see beauty in everything when you look at things with the eyes of love. she never said something like that to me. it was the way she lived her life. i observed and learned). i was devastated about this loss but you couldn’t really tell from the outside. i tried to be strong and calm when i was confronted with co-workers (must be the capricorn in me, i guess).

and then…

there was nana. she saw me on a corridor at work, came to me and said: “you have lost someone, too.” (she herself  had lost a family member shortly before)

then she put her arms around me and for the first time i could exhale and give in to that sadness. we stood there for a while quietly (that’s how i remember it) and ever since it was clear to me. GIRLFRIENDS! we belong together.

that was in 2008 and our friendship has grown ever since.

there is so much you can say about nana. but when you meet her, what will attract your attention first, is her pure and positive spirit. she is a heart-openener. and i love heart-openeners! she will make you laugh in an instant. she is an amazing mum and a great boss (she doesn’t only do voice acting herself, she is also a voice over director). oh, i love to work with her.

during my last massive lovesickness she hovered over me. never left me. stayed with me the whole dark night through.

well, i could go on for hours. but this was only meant to be the introduction to what i ACTUALLY want to talk about…. so i won’t bore you with more details. in case you didn’t get it yet, i break it down to this one sentence: i love that girl! 

one fine day nana and me decided we should become friendship/sister tattoos.

1st step: what to get? we went through several brainstorming sessions. we loved THIS. but then we were afraid that it might be somthing you might get tired of after a while. then we got into the idea of two birds sitting on one string (if you put the arms together it would be one string and the birds each on one of our arms). but again, i am more of a symbolical/graphical tattoo girl. then one day nana and me were talking about something, she said: “our hearts have the same beat.” and that was when the idea popped up in my head.

“let’s go to the doc, let him get hold of our ECG-waves and that’s gonna be our tattoos!”            no sooner said than done!

step 2: appointment at the doc’s to get our ECG-waves. the whole staff of the practice was ever so sweet and supportive and they loved our idea.

very exciting!




step 3: the actual tattoo day. we went to flügel & schwert, the tattoo store of the band haudegen.


last wednesday it was!

sun was shining, we were happy. went to the other side of the city and got our tats.

first nana…



and then me.

before i jumped on the chair the tattoo boy and me had this funny conversation:

me: “so, are you pierre?”

him: “no, i’m jared.”

me: “oh, ok. i’m julia. i think, we should know each other’s names before you tattoo me. i mean, this is not a random act, we start some sort of relationship now.”

him: “oh.” (he looks irritated)

me: “i mean, not a relationship but it’s a bond in a way.”

hahaha! he didn’t get me, i think. but that’s okay.


yeah, it did hurt. more than my other tats. but it was worthwhile.


now i have her heartbeat so close to mine ❤


Rosi ich bin im Park

6 Mar

may i introduce:

my new favorite café ROSI ICH BIN IM PARK.

it is located in berlin neukölln and has a lovely owner, hannah, who puts all her love in this adorable place. in german we say “sie steckt all ihr herzblut hinein” which literally means “she puts all her heart blood in it”. i think it’s a beautiful term. and in this case, well, it fits!

when hannah restored the place she found a very old note in a roller shutter casing saying “Rosi ich bin im Park” (= Rosi, I’m in the park) and decided that should be the name for her place.

You find a beautiful variety of warm and cold drinks, excellent coffee, lovely cakes and small dishes. and it’s all either vegan or vegetarian.

once a month there’s a pub quiz (sorry, it’s in german!).

Bildso, if you happen to be in berlin, check it out. do it ❤

touch me.

1 Mar

i find myself drawn to objects, landscapes, things that i feel i must paint, draw, put on paper. i fall in love with colors, with a view of a landscape and get goosebumps.

maybe this is the first sign of the arrival of spring.

be well, my friends.






the girl and the juice.

26 Feb


after several feasts around christmas and new years and some alcoholic days throughout january, i got inspired by amanda who is juicefasting since january 1st. every time i saw her fruit/juice pics, i got a visual vitamin boost. and i wanted it too. in real life! i wanted to taste it and feel the energy flow down my throat. the more i looked at the photos of amanda’s juices or of the plates where she had the beautifully cut fruit on, i thought: ” yesss, juice is the new black!!!” i started to do some research and decided to go for the bosch mes 3000 juicer (sounds quite manly, doesn’t it? and it’s true, the bosch is a tough guy, standing strong even if you give him several beet roots and carrots and ginger. he squishes them all!)

and now i am juicefasting too. i started three weeks ago but other than amanda who is ONLY drinking juice, i replace 50% or 75% of my daily meals with juice.

at first i took my recipes from joe the reboot guy. 

after a while you get a feeling though what you can combine and what might taste yummy and you start to make up your own recipes.



  • 1 beet root
  • 3 oranges
  • 1 big carrots
  • ginger
  • 5 physalis
  • a small cup of rasberries



  • 1 cucumber 
  • 6 cabbage leaves
  • 2 coriander stems
  • 1 apple
  • 1 pear
  • 1 thumb size peace of fennel
  • 1/2 package of blueberries



  • 1 bloodorange
  • 2 oranges
  • 1 teaspoon pollen
  • ginger
  • 1/3 honey melon

i can’t tell you any miracles that resulted out of my juicefasting action so far. but i can see some changes already:

after standing strong and healthy for 3 months now through the freezing and grey berlin winter, i finally managed to catch a cold now. and normally i am in a miserable state when that happens. it starts with a sore throat, then i get a fever and so forth. i don’t want to bore you with that. the good thing though is, it feels like i pass each stage of this nasty illness faster then i normally do. and what else should i ascribe this to than to my beautiful juices? which leads me to the next asset:

the beauty of the juice.

don’t you think that it looks like art? like a painting? like a color explosion? i find it soothing already to stare at my juice for a while after i made it. the juice is a poem.

one of my colleagues a very charming guy said to me: “what? you’re only drinking juice? you must stink like a cow after a while!” haha, we’re all bursting with laughter! and i can appease you, i don’t smell any different than i normally do (and my normal smell is: milk and honey with a slight hint of caramel, just so that you know).

another positive observation i made is: people frequently ask me if i’ve been on vacation and that i am glowing (even if i feel like s**t that day). my answer usually is ‘no’. and then they continue: “well, then you must be in love…”

me, smiling: “it must be the JUICE!”

f you decide to start a juice detox too or if you’ve already done it, tell me about your experiences. i’d love to know.

and here’s another nice boost juice for you.



  • two hands full of fresh baby spinach
  • 2 apples
  • 1 stem of a cellery
  • 1 point of a knife chlorella
  • ginger
  • 1/3 of a medium size fennel


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