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falling into the new week.

14 Oct

it’s monday and i’m trying to fall into the new week. smoothly. with a gentle touch down.

that’s why i listen to haim. those three beautiful girls from sunny california (which i miss more and more the further autumn steps forward). i love their music and their style ❤


my weekend was quite packed.


physiotherapie, meeting beautiful (neighbour) friends, strolling over the farmers market which is right next door, watching a thunder storm from my rooftop, rooting for nana at the asics 10 grand marathon which came through the berlin zoo where we stayed afterwards (well, me and my friends did. nana had to run some further, of course). then the weekend ended with a visit at berlin’s friedrichstadtpalast which is supposed to have las vegas standard shows. i’ve never been to a las vegas show. so i cannot tell, but what i enjoyed it a lot. also i probably would never have gone by myself but some workmates invited me and why not. (fun fact: one of the work mates, is the german voice of bugs bunny).

so here’s my weekend in pictures.

i wish you all a great fall, sail, glide into the new week.

be well x




ingredients for a good day.

25 Sep

rise and shine early and

watch the sun rise and shine.


stand on the rooftop of your house

with a coffee mug in your hand and…


the wild geese above your head that say

***goodbye till next year***

(can you see them?)


inhale and exhale. cause the wild geese made you happy and sad at the same time…





for a run.

in your favourite park.



surprise a friend with some sex toys.


in case you’re in berlin and you dig some goodies like this too, go here.

and later on.

have a nice bubble bath.

lay down and feel like a postcard that has travelled

around the world

and is now being with

this person

who couldn’t await to hold it in his hands.


be well, friends*

when the birds come back.

8 Mar

first you hear them cry, then you look up and you see them in a perfect formation.

it is late autumn and the wild geese leave the country to go to warmer areas for the winter.


and then: winter. long. cold. grey. sometimes white. the nature rests. the city is freezing. snow falls and melts. and falls again. pretty and white. and the dirt of the concrete jungle turns everything grey.

last week. early morning. the sun was shining, i was outside. and i could hardly believe when i heard them again. i looked up. and: there they were. coming back.

already? i thought.

hello, little wild geese. i do hope it’s not too early. cause the winter came back today. and only god knows when it’s finally spring ❤


happy weekend to you, lovelies. have you seen the wild geese yet? ❤

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