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falling into the new week.

14 Oct

it’s monday and i’m trying to fall into the new week. smoothly. with a gentle touch down.

that’s why i listen to haim. those three beautiful girls from sunny california (which i miss more and more the further autumn steps forward). i love their music and their style ❤


my weekend was quite packed.


physiotherapie, meeting beautiful (neighbour) friends, strolling over the farmers market which is right next door, watching a thunder storm from my rooftop, rooting for nana at the asics 10 grand marathon which came through the berlin zoo where we stayed afterwards (well, me and my friends did. nana had to run some further, of course). then the weekend ended with a visit at berlin’s friedrichstadtpalast which is supposed to have las vegas standard shows. i’ve never been to a las vegas show. so i cannot tell, but what i enjoyed it a lot. also i probably would never have gone by myself but some workmates invited me and why not. (fun fact: one of the work mates, is the german voice of bugs bunny).

so here’s my weekend in pictures.

i wish you all a great fall, sail, glide into the new week.

be well x




ingredients for a good day.

25 Sep

rise and shine early and

watch the sun rise and shine.


stand on the rooftop of your house

with a coffee mug in your hand and…


the wild geese above your head that say

***goodbye till next year***

(can you see them?)


inhale and exhale. cause the wild geese made you happy and sad at the same time…





for a run.

in your favourite park.



surprise a friend with some sex toys.


in case you’re in berlin and you dig some goodies like this too, go here.

and later on.

have a nice bubble bath.

lay down and feel like a postcard that has travelled

around the world

and is now being with

this person

who couldn’t await to hold it in his hands.


be well, friends*

do you read signs?

9 Sep

a boy and a girl are sitting in a beer garden by a lake in a beautiful park. it is the last beautiful day of summer. the sun is shining onto them. shining so intensively that they can hardly see anything else but each other’s faces. and the wind is whispering in the trees. the leaves are catching the sunlight and absorb them and merge with it into a million different shades of green and gold.

they talk and chat and they have so many stories to tell that sometimes they wouldn’t finish one story cause the next one already comes up. or because they burst into laughter. and then there’s this moment a blink of an eyes maybe only 5 seconds. and they don’t talk. they just sit there in front of each other. maybe because the just finished laughing. the girl can’t remember if you’d ask her now.

it is not autumn yet. but it isn’t summer anymore either. she likes this feeling of being in a no man’s land between the seasons. it feels fresh. and new. like the feeling when you get to know someone. everything is possible. fascination.

so they stopped talking. and the sit there. in the sunlight. in front of their glasses. (yes, they had a glass of wine but they’re not drunk, if you were wondering)

and just when they were about to start their conversation again, a small leaf is sailing down from the tree above them. smoothly. elegantly. it dances a short dance with the wind and then. gently lands on the table between them. it’s small. about the size of a 2€ coin and it has the shape of

a heart.

she kept the leaf. because she liked the moment. the silence. the irritation. she liked the idea that it means something. that it is a sign.

and she is not certain if she likes this idea that the leaf might mean something more than the fact that it really does mean something. but does it matter? no. it was a beautiful. special. unforgettable moment. and the heart will always be.

the girl is me.

i like to read signs.


and then feelings met science.

25 May

listen to ->


{ reconsider me }


{ all feelings are contemporary }


{ my fragile soul }


{ blanket me in you }


{ wish you were here }


{ what i see what you see }


{ for what it’s worth }


{ i would have gone all the way }


{ stop telling me that you are ok. i can see that you’re not }


{ we’re not that different after all }


{ your smile is worth a million diamonds }


{ i would’ve come with you if you had asked me to }

it’s obvious where i went to today. the museum für naturkunde (the berlin natural history museum). i haven’t been there since twenty years and it was on my schedule for quite a while now. so despite the fact that it was saturday (and i was very aware that there would be hordes of loud and – let’s be honest – annoying little kids there), i went. berlin is drowning in rain, so i figured that was nothing better to do. especially as i’ve been ill the past week and couldn’t stand seeing my apartment anymore.

so off i went. and yes. it was loud and i was quite busy not to step on one of those lovely cuties…

and i got carried away.

in the middle of preserved specimen, the mechanisms of evolution and the world of the dinosaurs, i flew through my own dream of sound and poetry. a huge painting of all kinds of colors and tunes. and all of a sudden i didn’t hear anything else around me anymore. nevertheless i plan to go back soon. maybe on a tuesday and wednesday morning and have another look.

IMG_7667 IMG_7684 IMG_7713 IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7720 IMG_7722 IMG_7726

spring took me hostage. and i fell in love with him.

12 May


* dreaming, watching the may-clouds sail by, sitting and sniffing the beautiful limetree blossom/lilac scented air, kissing, drinking coffee in the sunshine, smiling at strangers, baking grandma’s nutcake with lemon icing for a friend, listening to the cry of the sparrows, wishing upon them stars, driving around town with emeli sandé in an endless loop of several weeks

but i am still around and i have a lot to tell that is swirling and whirling up in my mind. but this fresh aired life outside is just too tempting these days. stay true, my dear friends.

(i took this photo at the olympus photography playground today and it shows my sis nana. more about this amazing place soon.)

do you remember…

24 Apr

ME?                      Bild

yes. it’s been a while. i am overwhelmed with work. many many cartoons and movies to be dubbed. many audiobooks to be read. many stories to be told.

and then all of a sudden there was spring. and my heart was jumping all over the place. having a look here and picking a flower there.

and there has also been some romance involved.

i decided that THREETIMESYES had to wait. and not my life. and i do hope that you, my lovely friends, understand.

for today i will leave you with some impressions of the past weeks.

(the next posts will be about the long promised travel tipps for barcelona, berlin café jewels, my latest trip to hamburg  and something about my beloved single life. there’s no title for that one yet. SO STAY TUNED!)








>>>>>> DOPE SUNSETS!!!!! ❤



love life every day*

it’s good to be back!

chalk in the city.

7 Apr

believe it or not: the sun has been out and

we had chalk and we did not hesitate to use it…

Bildwe’ve been playing peter pan and chasing the shadows.


and then we had our first frozen yogurt of the year at yoli. (it’s the best)


walking around in berlin also always means discovering traces of history. war leftovers. bullet holes on rheinhardtstraße.


and we even managed to quick stop at my favourite berlin museum hamburger bahnhof for the last day of martin hohnert‘s exhibition “kinderkreuzzug” where efimia fell in love with a giant.


and i fell in love with a huge starling.


pretty much a pefrect day. how did you spend it, friends?

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