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the californication diary::: los angeles.

11 Jul

where do you start when you’ve travelled across the ocean to be with people you only met once in your life before but you feel like you’ve known them forever?

where do you start when you saw the most beautiful palm trees, the most incredible sunsets?

where do you start when you saw a hummingbird for the first time and it almost made you cry?

where do you start when you saw the hollywood sign for the first time and it brought tears to your eyes?

where do you start when you feel like you want to go back to a place you would’ve never imagined to love?

where do you start when you feel like you learned things about yourself that only travelling can teach you?

where do you start when you feel like you met your future husband on this journey, an incredibly amazing person who has no clue that you think, he’s the one for you?

where do you start?

i took a week now to come back, try do adjust, get over my (belated jetlag), reconnect with my friends (that was the easiest part). and now i am sitting here and wondering about where to start.

so i guess, i start with the beginning of my trip. i will try to focus on the important stuff and leave everything else out.

let me know if there’s any specific things you want me to focus on.

so here it starts

the evening before:::: insomnia!!!



i took of two weeks ago on a monday. excited and happy. wearing my ying yang leggings because they are comfy for a long flight and because, honestly, what else should you wear when you start your journey towards hippie central?

my plane took of over two hours, so i had to wait…


first good omen: the plane was fully booked except for the seat next to me. YES! what a treat! never had such a relaxed 12 hour plane ride before.

watched HITCHCOCK. made me laugh and cry. very impressed. great movie.


my lovely lovely anya picked me up from the airport with an ice cold water and a priceless smile on her lips.


i had to leave philippe brenninkmeyer (hot hot hot!) and patrick nuo (not hot AT ALL! in fact, he seems to be a huge douchebag) who were on the same flight behind and started driving towards HOLLYWOOD!

when we drove down the freeway i saw the hollywood sign for the first time in real life and almost caused a car accident because i started screaming. at that time i didn’t know yet that my home for the next two weeks would be right UNDERNEATH this beautiful landmark and that i could inhale it every day.


i spent the rest of the day not believing how beautiful the house and my room for the next two weeks are, sipping the champagne i brought with anya, having dinner at a sushi place and trying to scare away the jetlag with some cocktails and meeting dalton, anya’s roommate and bestie.




more to come. xxx


do you remember…

24 Apr

ME?                      Bild

yes. it’s been a while. i am overwhelmed with work. many many cartoons and movies to be dubbed. many audiobooks to be read. many stories to be told.

and then all of a sudden there was spring. and my heart was jumping all over the place. having a look here and picking a flower there.

and there has also been some romance involved.

i decided that THREETIMESYES had to wait. and not my life. and i do hope that you, my lovely friends, understand.

for today i will leave you with some impressions of the past weeks.

(the next posts will be about the long promised travel tipps for barcelona, berlin café jewels, my latest trip to hamburg  and something about my beloved single life. there’s no title for that one yet. SO STAY TUNED!)








>>>>>> DOPE SUNSETS!!!!! ❤



love life every day*

it’s good to be back!

la véracité du cœur brisé.

11 Mar

my heart has been broken and put together again several times.

whose hasn’t?

current status quo: resting, quite balanced, mainly happy with a slight tendency towards temporary booboos and melancholy.

would you have guessed?

what i’ve learned though throughout the past years is (caution! stereotypes! i call them ‘wise stereotypes’)

– it is ok to be hurt

– it is ok to have a broken heart

– it is ok to feel your heart is weak, stupid and minor

– it is ok to be cautious

BUT only as long as 

– you realize your heart is NOT weak, stupid and minor. in fact, it is unbreakable!

– you don’t become overcautious and are still free enough to see the good coming your way

– you don’t become a slave of your broken heart

– you put yourself out there again! yes! do it!

and now look at this comic. it totally made my day ♥ (you have to open it in another tab and click on it again to enlarge it)



how is your heart’s status quo?

tell me xxx

one of those days. some of those days.

28 Feb


you know these days, don’t you?

you feel a cold sneaking up your legs, climbing slowly up to your throat,

you are sick of the greyish greyness that this city offers you in such a variety that you are suprised… even after 12 winters that you’ve spent here,

you feel heavy, your heart is heavy, your soul demands to listen to nirvana 24/7 and you cannot refuse because you are just too weak to do so (with your last ounce of strength you TRY to smuggle a funny, light fun song into your melancholia playlist on spotify, but you can’t…. the funnest you can find is this…


yes, you are in there. not even knee-deep anymore. the melancholia embraces you softly, caresses you, but only as long as you hold still. when you try to move she grabs you harder. and smiles at you with her cold blue eyes.

but then, all of a sudden…

you walk down the street and you look up…. and there is…

a bunch of red balloons in the tree. and you smile from one ear to another. and the smile won’t fade till you go to sleep.

(and you even start smiling a few days later, when your friend teamgloria tells you on IG that she listened to 99 RED BALLONS while she was driving down rodeo drive!!!! how cool is that? TG, did you listen to it in german or english??)

Foto 5

and on the next day you are up very early to bring your car to the car workshop. you walk home under a cloudy sky (yet again) and this time you don’t look up, you look down. and…

Foto 2

your steps start to become more lightly and you decide to buy yourself a hint of spring…

Foto 1

you start to feel your head again. and your heart. but you know that miss melancholia is still somewhere around you. running, sniffing. knowing that she just lost sight of you for a second but will find you again.

that is okay, you start thinking… you decide that next time you see her, you might invite her for a cup of tea and while you think about that plan, you start smiling because in fact,  you know that you want to thank her because she doesn’t only tear you down, she also inspires you, carries you to new insights. yes! you will write a nice pretty card to her and ask her over for a tea. but this time YOU choose the date and time. you might even give her a little present. some black roses or a book with poems by mascha kaléko. yes, she’ll love that!

maybe miss melancholia and me can become friends?

while making plans for our next gathering, i listen to these beautiful tunes that i never get tired of. not too a happy sound, I KNOW! but there’s a hope in it, don’t you think?

those lyrics!!!

I know that I’ve been mad in love before 
And how it could be with you 
Really hurt me baby, really hurt me baby 
How can you have a day without a night 
You’re the book that I have opened 
And now I’ve got to know much more

The curiousness of your potential kiss 
Stopped my mind and body aching 
Really hurt me baby, really hurt me baby 
How can you have a day without a night 
You’re the book that I have opened 
And now I’ve got to know much more

Like a soul without a mind 
In a body without a heart 
I’m missing every part 
Like a soul without a mind 
In a body without a heart 
I’m missing every part

snow and sun and snow. melt my heart. (time to let go)

14 Jan

snow. and sun. and snow. and cotton wool greyness. and snow again. oh, and it’s cold. berlin is freezing. and as the skies change their colors and as the snowflakes come sailing and gliding and dancing down towards my stuck out tongue, my heart feels heavy. the lesson of letting go is obviously on the plan for me now and i am willing to accept it,  take it and embrace it. i’m not saying that it’s easy though.

meanwhile i read a lot. kahlil gibran and rumi are my masters these days.

some of them say, ‘joy is greater than sorrow’, and others say, ‘nay, sorrow is the greater.’ but i say unto you, they are inseperable. together they come, and when one sits alone at your board, remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.  ~ “the prophet” by kahlil gibran.

ain’t that fabulous? it’s like yoga for my brain. and it feels good and makes me happy.


and i listen to groovy stuff. fitz and the tantrums. soooo good.

and i have a hell lot of work which is good too. fluttering from studio to studio talking into different mics telling different stories that haven’t anything to do with my life. always good to dive in there. and now it’s fashion week and tuesday and wednesday i will be joining the fabulous crew of (capsule) again and work there and have my share of the beloved fashion crowd and meet some long time no see! friends from all over the world. i will keep you posted on that.

and also i look at the sky and the movement of the clouds and the stars, and even though the air is crispy cold this puts a smile on my face too.





so i leave you with these slightly melancholic words. but don’t worry. i’m on my way. or as my amazing friend nina would say: “it’s all happening!”

stay warm, my berlin friends. and all you others, stay true.

love xxx

teamgloria. NYC >>>>>>>>>>> LA!

12 Jan

i met my new friend sophia from


in RL for the first and only time some weeks ago when i went to NYC. i was only there for 4,5 days, so there wasn’t much time but we managed to get together on my last day and oh, i am grateful for this encounter, i can tell you! sophia is amazing! inspiring! and fun to be with. she showed me around soho a bit. she took me to some cute shops, showed me some galleries, told me some things about the history of the mafia in soho and we also discovered some streetart together.

delightful, that’s how the few hours spent together felt. and i did really fall in love with her. don’t worry, sophia, i don’t mean it in a romantic way, this is not my coming out 😉 no, i fell in love with her spirit and strength and charisma.

so, this was my concentrated time of firsts: my first time in NYC, my first time soaking up this energy that i believe you can only experience in this city, my first meeting with sophia, well actually some other firsts, too, that i don’t want to tell now because they don’t belong to this story…

the funny thing is that sophia just spent her last few days in NYC and is currently moving to LA for various reasons which makes me even more happy that i was right in time to meet her.

so i am writing this not only i am so impressed by actually meeting another instagram friend in real life (yes, that’s how we met.. instagram). but i realized how much i am involved and interested in her life when she started to describe how miserable her last days in NYC were due to a nasty flu.

oh, did i already mention that i LOVE teamgloria’s blog which is so personal and glamorous and touching that you cannot do anything but read it day after day and fall for her again and again?

well, i read about her fight with the flu and it was more thrilling than an edgar allan poe story. what will happen next? will she make it out of bed? will she be able to leave to NYC to go to LA?

i am glad to see and read that she actually made it today. yes, miracles do happen! and she obvioulsy arrived in sunny california in one piece. i am proud of you that you made it, lady, and wish you a good start and good luck! hope to see you one day on the west coast!

love x

teamgloria on instagram #yesyesyes

me on instagram

some photos from my walk with teamgloria.



she’s a bit shy 😉





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