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the californication diary:: los angeles – the long-awaited get-together with @teamgloria.

13 Jul

it’s already been over two years, i assume, since i discovered @teamgloria‘s instagram which is filled with photos that make you believe that life is dream of lushness and luxury, subtle beauty and caressing candle light, cashmere and books, pink marilyn monroe phones, hiding behind large sunglasses and sipping martinis at château marmont.

in short, you want to know more about the person behind teamgloria. or is it more than one person, i asked myself before i started following her blog.

if you want to know more about teamgloria or sophia go here and find out more. or as she says herself, there you can read about who she is “in real life”.

i am fascinated by her ever since we met for the first time during my journey to NYC in december 2012. by her story, her life, her energy, her beautiful smile and voice (it is a bit fragile yet strong with an amazingly enchanting british accent. i think, she should be a voice actress, just like me) and when she moved from new york to los angeles it was clear to me that whenever i would cross the ocean and huge parts of the american continent to visit hollywood i would totally meet sophia as well.

so there we were. in los angeles. six months later.

i had already spent some days at my new home away from home in the hollywood hills and was very delighted by the prospect of some , let’s say, europeanism (those who know, know).

sophia suggested to pick me up (thanks again!!!) in the morning and off we went (in her very environmentally friendly prius).

so here it is. my day with @teamgloria. well, to be precise, this was my first day with her. we had two more lovely meetings afterwards under the californian sun…. but all in good time ❤

IMG_8616 IMG_8617 IMG_8618

sophia took me to the highschool where they filmed “GREASE” ♡♡♡ could you have guessed?



sophia dancing with her shadow…


falling in love with cars happens hourly in los angeles….


sophia took us to YOLK, the beautiful store of maria in silverlake, another wonderful insta-lady.

it was hard for me not to spent all my holiday money there. if you ever happen to be in LA, make sure to stop by.

also, i really enjoyed silverlake. it has something villagey to it that made me as a european feel at home instantly. little cafés and shops, a cute neighborhood that actually allows you to WALK around. hard to find in LA.

IMG_8627 IMG_8630 IMG_8635


we drove through studio city past all those famous studios…


and then sophia took me to BIG BOY for lunch. ah-mazing! felt like a time travel to the fifties. (i didn’t eat a burger, i had a nice BLT sandwich. yum!)

IMG_8648 IMG_8650


afterwards we went to LACMA where we spent some time at the extraordinary stanley kubrick exhibition.


IMG_8666 IMG_8658 IMG_8668 IMG_8669 IMG_8670 IMG_8673 IMG_8674 IMG_8676

which is your favourite kubrick movie?

if i ever go back to LA (which i’m sure i will), i’m certainly going to spend more time at LACMA…

IMG_8680 IMG_8686 IMG_8697

sophia …


vielen dank, sophia, für diesen wunderschönen tag*

and for all you others: be sure that @teamgloria will reappear in at least one other episode of my californication diary. if not in two.

be well, friends xxxx


will we ever be satisfied?

18 Jan

which ones??

another pair of shoes. another glass of margarita. just one more kiss. on to the next lover. on to the next tweet. another night at the club. what are you looking for? one more bar of chocolate. just one. shall i call him? didn’t i buy a bottle of vodka? another wellness weekend. i need it. another butterfly in my stomach. i want it. another photo for my instagram. i just have to share it. i have to check facebook. on to the next meeting. on to the next chit-chat. another one to make love with. another one to break up with.

will we ever be satisfied?


today i went shopping for the first time in over two months. and with this act of vain ego hugging, one question led to another. it’s not a case of do i need this or that. we can skip that immediately. i do not need two more pairs of jeans (which i bought at one of my favorite stores all saints spitalfields and they are adorable, this i can tell you). i do not need another skirt (it’s a midnight blue plissé skirt and it’s amazingly beautiful. HAD to buy it). i do not need another grey t-shirt (well, yeah, bought it). and i don’t need another fancy bracelet (bought it cause it’s really hot).

don’t get me wrong. there’s no regrets. and no cynisism here. i am just wondering.

although my past months were a bit of an adventurous rollercoaster ride, i really felt in tune with myself. happy with my job, my friends, my environment. i purposely didn’t go shopping because i wanted to see how far i can go without. and for the ones who don’t know me: believe me i AM a shopping girl. always have been. but it felt right not to. then i went to NYC and what did i do: anything but shopping. well, except for some stuff i brought my friends. that doesn’t count, does it? i did not avoid to do so. i even walked to some really beautiful stores, looked at the things, saw pretty pretty things and though: ‘nah, i don’t feel it.’

but now i felt it again. and i gave in to the craving.

so, here’s the eternal question again… it’s been asked a gazillion times but i can’t help but wonder what makes us perfectly happy? what is it that puts us in perfect tune with the universe?

and how much do we have to do to achieve it?

or does it just ‘happen’ effortless?

i’m not only talking about the longings to own some new stuff. i’m also talking about the seventh margarita or the fourty fifth lover.

will we ever stop looking?

will we ever stop longing?

will we ever stop wondering?

will we ever be satisfied?

don’t worry, my sweethearts, i won’t be joining a buddhist monestary or sign in for an ashram in india. i love margaritas too much! 😉

love xxx

the beginning.

3 Jan

i grew out of my blogspot blog that i haven’t posted on for over a year. and now i’m here. not sure yet where this will lead, but i have the feeling that there will be some stories to be told this year.

so this is to 2013! it will be a good one for all who are ready to have an amazing year. this i know for sure.

today i passed a classical berlin decadence place. quartier 206. perfect for girls to have a carrie bradshaw kind of day. and which girl wouldn’t like that? a glass of champagne, walking around and wandering through marc jacobs bags, prada shoes, a delightful scented lush flower shop etc etc.

definitely a place to love.

so here’s not only to 2013, but also to the decadent places we love. which is your favourite decadent place in berlin? or around the world? tell me!

quartier 206

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