your heart is busy somewhere else.

17 Jan


do you know ingeborg bachmann? this is a line from one of her poems.
time passes, flowers are growing, withering.
and i am here. reading a lot, working a LOT, preparing some readings i am doing with my friend nana spier (more to come). but i am still here. and wanted to let you know.. just in case you were wondering.
just in case.

be well, my friends.



tis true.

11 Oct



inhale. exhale.

14 Mar


this is my first post that i upload from my phone.
my beloved friend (and since yesterday sister, will talk about that later) nana and me are going to barcelona for a few days and i want to try if blogging from a mobile device (which is not an ipad but a phone) is working.

i just took this photo on my terrace. the sun was so beautifully fighting against the clouds and my crystals were observing the scene just like i did.
just a little note to myself (and to you too if you allow) that even on a thursday 2:30 pm (or whatever time it might be where you are), you can pause a minute
focus on your breath.
inhale, exhale. and simply be.
hope you have a great day, my friends wherever you are 💗

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